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3D Print Painting Part 6

Scraping in at the end of the month, I’ve just barely finished and photographed another batch of 3D printed models… and this is only half of them!

In the post below I am featuring four models, and they were all designed by my friend, the very talented Jukka Seppänen (Kijai).

As part of a tiny restructure of my blog, previous 3D print painting posts have been organized into their very own category now, which you can hopefully spot on the menu bar at the top of this page. :)

I’ve also made a little video, discussing the materials I use to bring my 3D prints to life, which I am hoping will be of some use to people who want to start painting and embellishing their prints.
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New YouTube Channel For 3D Print Painting

stuwha 3d print banner

It’s taken some convincing, but I’ve started a YouTube channel where I talk about the 3D printed models that I’ve painted. I’m also working on some tutorial type videos as well, all revolving around 3D print painting.

As much as I prefer writing to speaking, I have to somewhat embrace the fact that a lot of people would prefer to watch a video than read a blog. And if I get enough practice in with this stuff, maybe I can create more different types of videos in the future as well.

The videos that I’ve released so far are connected with the first 3D print painting post that I wrote back in September and it’s my plan to continue creating the videos in chronological order. I do have quite a backlog of models to get through and almost no time when I have the quiet opportunity to record, so It might be a slow-ish process, but I thought that launching the channel with four model videos and one materials video was a good starting point.

I am looking forward to improving my knowledge in both filming and editing through experience and hope that the videos will at least serve the purpose they’re intended for,  encouraging people to start taking their 3D printed models to the next level. :)


I Made A One Of A Kind Totoro Clock

I’ve been wanting to create something Totoro themed for a while now, and this clock kit that I’ve had sitting in my closet for a couple of years became the perfect template to complete my vision.

Wood clock kits are simple to build and easy to customize with a bit of acrylic paint.

I did a Milky Way/tree silhouette one a few years ago, which I really love and I’ve got another one waiting to be painted, but to be honest, I’m out of wall space and as much as I love making customized clocks, I’m really out of room to hang them up.

Below I’ve detailed how I transformed the plain kit into something one of a kind and special. Read more…

3D Print Painting Part 5

Some new models by the very talented Jukka Seppänen (Kijai) have inspired me to pick up my paint brush once more,  and I’m extremely happy with the way that this batch has turned out.

In this slightly long winded installment of 3D print painting I will cover the painting and embellishing of five 3D printed models and I have included handy links to where each file can be downloaded along with the summary of the finishing process I used on each piece.

Click HERE for a complete list of all my 3D print related posts.

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Adventures In Crochet – Weebee Dolls

Amigurumi is the art of making small, stuffed yarn creatures using knitting or crochet. I’ve been crocheting amigurumi toys for nearly 3 years and I’ll be honest, every single one is a huge pain in the ass to create… but I love them anyway.

Of all the patterns I have tried and all of the creatures I have freehanded, the Weebee pattern by Laura Tegg is a solid favorite of mine which I keep coming back to because it is so simple and versatile.  Read more…

SALE And Challenges For The New Year

There are quite a few things that I would like to focus on for 2018, and though I’m not a fan of new year resolutions, the time after the chaos of the holidays does seem like the most logical place to start forming goals.

Also calling them goals instead of resolutions makes them sound more achievable to me, because a resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. Failing at a resolution is really quite disheartening.  A goal on the other hand is an aspiration. An idea to work to. It’s softer, and forgiving when life, and situations outside of my control may disrupt any and all plans I’ve made.   Read more…

3D Print Painting Part 4

It looks like 3D print painting is going to be a whole series of posts. So from now on I’ll just number them!

The previous three installments can be found here: FirstSecondThird

All of the models featured below were designed by the very talented, Jukka Sappänen (Kijai).

The STL’s are free to download from My Mini Factory, and I have included links to each of them individually.

I haven’t used a lot of model finishing supplies on this batch, however the ones I have used are from Serious Play.

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Even More 3D Print Painting

Now for the THIRD installment of 3D Print Painting. A follow up to the cleverly and imaginatively titled 3D Print Painting and More 3D Print Painting!

I am going to apologize in advance, as this is a long post, covering 7 models (6 designs). I was going to split it into two posts, but couldn’t decide on where to break it up so… it’s all in one, and it’s a big one!

All 3D models featured are designed by Kijai (Jukka Seppänen) and I have included links to where they can be downloaded. Some are free and some are paid.

Before I begin, as I’ve been getting a few questions about the paints that I use, I just want to say that I don’t use fancy or expensive paints. I primarily use generic tube acrylic paints that I’ve paid on average £2 for (per tube) and I mix a lot of my own colors. Most of the metallics I use are by Decoart and cost between £2 and £3 a bottle. They need to be shaken quite a lot to achieve their full potential, but they are so smooth and beautiful, and these little bottles have lasted me for YEARS.

Also, my primary supplier for model finishing materials is Serious Play, based in the UK, (ships worldwide).

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Pierogi Dumpling Crochet Pattern

About 9 months ago I started teaching a crochet class at my local community center, and this is a pattern that I wrote out to help my students practice increases and work on their single crochet tension, which needs to be very tight and consistent for amigurumi.

Once I started making these little Pierogi for the pattern, I got a tiny bit carried away and developed 3 different versions which reflect the different ways people tend to seal their dumplings. So below you will find a pattern for the Tidy Pierogi, the Fancy Pierogi and the Banana Pierogi… which is my favorite as it’s what my (food) Pierogi tend to end up looking like :) Read more…

Zucchini Muffins

Before I get into the recipe for Zucchini Muffins, I’m going to tell you a bit about my relationship with zucchini bread.

I’m also going to note quickly that despite its name, zucchini bread is not a bread at all, it’s a cake baked in a bread tin, but since I like short baking times and I always end up with a gooey middle when attempting to bake cakes in a bread tin, I work with muffins!

My relationship with zucchini bread starts with my grandfather (Poppy), who loved his vegetable garden. After he was retired and his 9 children were all grown, that garden was his baby, and he grew all sorts of things in it, including LOTS of zucchini.

Having an abundant supply of zucchini coming in from the garden throughout the summer and early autumn meant that my grandmother (Gigi) turned out a great deal of zucchini bread. So much in fact, that she sent loaves of it, tightly wrapped in plastic, home with us often when we visited.

As an adult I associate zucchini bread with some of my fondest early childhood memories, spending precious quality time with my grandparents, in their home, in the garden and in my Poppy’s workshop.  Read more…

The UK Beef Ramen Solution

I’m writing this today for anyone else who might be needing a Beef Ramen fix in the UK and doesn’t want to have to special order it.

The solution is actually ridiculously simple.

I grew up on Ramen. They aren’t exactly what you’d call nutritionally sound, but they were 5 for $1, which was our price range. And though I eat them very rarely as an adult, I still get a craving every once in a while.

Unfortunately the flavor selections in the UK are very different from the American ones and my all time favorite flavor (Beef) is not readily available here, so I’ve had to get a little creative.

So here you go…

Take a pack of any flavor Super Noodles, throw away the flavor packet and cook the noodles as you normally would with…

3/4 of a Knorr Beef flavor stock cube

1/2 teaspoon of garlic granules

Pinch of hot chilli flakes for a little kick, not a requirement, just my own little twist

And POOF… tastes just like home!

More 3D Print Painting

After my last post about 3D print painting I had more or less run out of things to paint aside from another moon city (which I am still working on).

Then the designer who modeled the prints I had featured (Jukka Seppänen – Kijai) contacted me about the blog post, and we got talking… Then basically as a result a LOT more models happened in a very short time!

So before I get way behind in writing about my progress I decided to do another post.

Below I have featured another 5 models that I painted over the past few weeks along with a bit about each and where the STL’s can be downloaded. I’ve got another five on the go as well (anticipating even more), so there will be an additional follow up to this post at some point in the future. :)  Read more…

3D Print Painting

3D Printing is something that my husband has been dabbling in for a few years now. As I mentioned in my post about our Catan Board, I didn’t see the point in it all, until I got into the painting and embellishing side of things.

Recently he printed a fairly large moon city by Kijai, on Thingiverse and I fell in love with the model on sight. I asked him to print me a mini version as well so that I could make it into a christmas ornament.

When I was finished painting both of them I had a look at Kijai’s other models and fell in love with a few more, which my husband also printed for me and they are also featured in this post, along with brief explanations of my painting/embellishing process.

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Colorspondence Writing Paper Pt. 2

Catching up on my snail mail has been difficult lately as I find myself so endlessly distracted by other things!

Autumn is my most productive and creative time of year. My head is swimming with new ideas and my enthusiasm for making things is even more tuned up than usual, which makes it exceptionally difficult to focus on just one thing, especially while balancing mommy duties.

I have been slowly working away at new designs for my writing papers though!

Recently I uploaded 3 brand new fun and unusual designs dripping with all sorts of potential.  I’ve also enhanced the Sheep Trio download with 4 additional accent pages that I can’t wait to start using myself.

Below I’ve included some examples of the new papers, both plain and decorated. Check out my Etsy Store  for prices!  Read more…

The Louse And The Microscope

Head lice are like a creepy, crawly, itchy, twitchy rite of passage for school age children. If you never got them… congratulations, you’re very fortunate, but most kids will have them at least once, and that’s a fact.

It’s up to us, as parents to keep on top of the infestations that will inevitably set up shop on the heads of our hairy, mammalian offspring.

Though it’s not the easiest job in the world to eradicate lice, in Scotland we are lucky because the treatment is at least free on the NHS… (NHS I LOVE YOU!!) , and it is so much easier to use than I remember from when I had them as a child. Also odorless!

Anyhoo… as you have probably assumed by this point, our daughter came home with her first ever case of critters during her very first freaking week of school. We didn’t find them until the second week as it took them a wee while to get going… but that tell tale head scratching is unmistakable! Read more…

Dorset Button Jewelry

After I fell in love with making Dorset Buttons, I asked myself what else I could do with the techniques I’d learned.

I thought that necklaces might be nice, so I looked for them on google,  and all I really found were buttons on a length of string.

They were pretty, some were even very intricate, but they weren’t striking. There just wasn’t anything about necklaces I saw that made me want to put one on, however they did inspire me.

Since I typically endeavor to do something a bit different, I decided to go BIGGER.

I found rings to use, and after several hours of trial and error, I came up with some really unusual, beautiful pendants.

Not long after the necklaces were made, I thought that matching earrings would be nice, which would challenge me to take the craft to a new and tiny extreme, and I managed to make some adorable, tiny Dorset Button studs!

Below I’ve included some photos of my OOAK finished works as well as links to my shop should you wish to purchase any of them.  Read more…

Cabbage White Butterflies – Small White

My latest batch of cabbage white (small white) caterpillars did not winter with us after all!

All 9 emerged after their metamorphosis over the course of a week.

If you would like to read more about the caterpillars click HERE.

I’ve also written posts about Cabbage White caterpillars and butterflies for the large white!

They are just too beautiful for words, so in this post I’ve included several photos and even a video I managed to capture as one came out!

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Jack And Sally Giant Letters

I was asked to paint Jack and Sally from  The Nightmare Before Christmas on two giant letters (initials) for a wedding.

It’s no secret that working in miniature is definitely what I’m most comfortable doing. Certainly any fan art I’ve ever created has been quite small scale. So these giant letters were a new challenge for me in a number of ways, but mostly because they were the largest things that I’ve ever painted.

The letters arrived early in the year, however due to fitting this project around two small children, I didn’t finish them until July. The wedding that they were featured in took place last Monday (Sept. 4th), so that is why I’m only now finally getting around to writing about the project!

Below I’ve outlined how I planned out the designs, transferred the designs to the letters, and painted them. Read more…

Cabbage White Caterpillars (Small White)

A few weeks ago I discovered a bunch of butterfly eggs all over a nasturtium plant and decided to take an eggy leaf in the house so that I could watch the caterpillars develop.

At first I identified the eggs as belonging to Large (White) Cabbage White Butterflies as I saw the adults fluttering around the nasturtium plant and the eggs were very similar to those of the large white, however the eggs weren’t laid in clusters which I found very odd. As it turns out, this behavior is normal for Small (White) Cabbage White Butterflies and that’s what they were!

The adult butterflies are remarkably similar in addition to laying similar looking eggs and the larva of both butterflies eat the same plants too, however the caterpillars look nothing alike. In 2015 I took 23 large white caterpillars into my house to observe with my daughter and I’ve got that whole event thoroughly documented HERE.

Below I have documented my entirely less traumatic, small white adventure with lots of photos!

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Colorspondence Writing Paper

By Stuwahacreations – Make Every Sheet Unique, Customize & Share!

Since I started my penpal/happy mail adventure a year ago, I’ve been on the hunt for interesting and affordable writing paper. I look for it everywhere I go, and all over the internet. What I’ve discovered in all of my searching is that there are a lot of beautiful papers out there, designed by many talented people, however cost is often an obstacle, and even if cost wasn’t an issue… I’ve never found exactly what I want.

So I sat down to create my own writing paper, but more often than not found myself uninspired or just really unhappy with what I came up with on the spot. I thought, I could really use a  jump start. A theme, something to elaborate on.

As a solution to this problem I decided to start designing the sort of paper that I wanted to write on. The sort of paper that has the seeds of inspiration pre-sewn, so that I can let my imagination run wild with the potential of what might grow there. Read more…

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