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Pocket Letters

I am absolutely dumbfounded that nearly a whole month has passed since my last entry.

A lot has happened in that time, including the very unfortunate event of the Pocket Letter Pals website going from being free and wonderful, to paid and substantially less wonderful.

Pocket letters, for anyone who is unfamiliar, are basically a coordinated/themed set of 9 ATC’s (Art Trading Cards) held within a 3×3 trading card page. The backs of the pockets often contain “goodies” which are various bits of crafty things for the person that you’ve made the pocket letter for to enjoy.

The “Letter” part of pocket letters comes from the practice of including an actual, hand written letter inside one of the pockets. So a pocket letter really combines 3 things… ATC trading, craft supply trading and penpalling. Then then everything is stuffed into an appropriately sized envelope, and posted out to the intended recipient.

3 birds…. 1 strange and wonderful pocketed stone. Read more…


Dorset Buttons

My craft obsession last week was Dorset buttons.

I first noticed them when the Edinburgh Yarn Festival’s Facebook page posted a photo of some gorgeous buttons back in February. Then I went looking for them at the actual festival, however they must have been sold out because I could not find them at the maker’s stall.

That photo had really made an impression on me though, and since I couldn’t see them in person, I did what I always do… I turned to Google to learn more about them!

In my research I noticed how similar they are to the Gods Eye crafts that I did as a child (miniature ones of course) and in this realization I knew that Dorset buttons were a lot more easy to make than looking at the finished product might have me believe.  Read more…

2 Years Of Crochet

As you may have noticed from the diversity of crafting entries in this blog, it is a fairly rare craft that holds my attention long term. I am very curious and love to try different things, usually to better understand techniques rather than necessarily making things to serve a specific function or to sell. typically once I get the hang of a new skill, I’ll move onto something else, satisfied that I can always come back to it.

That’s just generally been my normal, as long as I can remember.

I have many skills.

Am I a master of many skills? Not so much, however I am fairly competent in many different crafts!

Well, at the time I’m publishing this I have officially been doing crochet for two years, and I can honestly say that I pick up my hook at least once a day, every day. This appears to be my new normal… I still do many other things, but I really love my crochet.  It has become something of an addiction for me, which I find extremely relaxing and therapeutic. Read more…

Cute Wee Octopus Crochet Pattern

Recently I attended my first ever yarn festival in Edinburgh. While there my mother-in-law kindly treated me to a ball of the most insanely colorful string I’ve ever possessed, and I’ve been using it to make small amigurumi animals.

This little octopus is something that I made on a whim, without a pattern. After he was done, he was so cute that I thought I’d write out what I did and publish my first ever, super simple crochet pattern.  Read more…

Happy Mail

Happy mail is basically anything that isn’t junk mail or bills. It can be a simple card or a parcel. Something that makes you smile, a thoughtful surprise or anything that you look forward to receiving by post really.

I admit “Happy Mail” sounds corny as Hell… but after being annoyed with the term for some time, I decided that actually it’s an accurate description.

So last year, after the birth of our second daughter I was having a really hard time emotionally. I’ll spare you the details, but I was in pretty rough shape and ultimately I decided that I needed to do more to help myself for my own sake, and the sake of my family before I got into a state that required outside intervention because I just couldn’t function normally anymore.
Read more…

Dynamite Slow Cooker Recipe

Dynamites are basically soft hoagie rolls or burger buns filled with spicy minced beef, peppers and onions that have been cooked to death in the slow cooker. You can also make these vegetarian friendly by substituting minced beef for Quorn mince. (taste is more or less the same, texture is just  more squishy)

They are similar to Sloppy Joes… but they’re not the same.

Dynamites are something I will forever associate with the big family cookouts of my childhood, growing up in Rhode Island. Odd food for a hot day, I know… but it works on any day… I promise!

The slow cooker component makes this an ideal dish to set up in the morning to enjoy as an evening meal.

Read more…

Halloween Freebies

Autumn is my favorite time of year, so I’ve decided to offer another giveaway, similar to the one I did last October.

This year’s prize is a totally unique pair of earrings featuring tiny corked jars, filled with hand painted, glow in the dark eyeballs. The earrings are accented with rose quartz and the ear wires are nickel free.

In addition to the earrings pictured, I’ll be throwing in some other random Halloween goodies which I honestly haven’t decided on yet. Read more…

I Made A Coloring Book

Last month I tasked myself with designing an “adult” coloring book… because… why not? I often find some obscure thing to try out just to see if I can pull it off, because that’s how I amuse (and challenge)  myself, and I’m proud to say… I did pull it off… however, not quite in the way that I’d intended.

My original plan was to use a combination of GIMP freeware and Amazon’s Createspace to complete my book. What I ended up doing was releasing the entire thing tonight as a digital download through my Etsy store because Amazon made it really awkward for me in ways I really don’t want to get into in any detail. Read more…

When Your Handbag Becomes A Mombag

Once upon a time, (a very long time ago) I couldn’t be bothered carrying a handbag. If I had a pocket for my wallet, that was good enough.

Then eventually I started carrying a handbag regularly, as it became an essential item for me after entering the working world full force, however recently, I realized that over the last 4 years, my handbag has undergone a transformation that I was barely aware of, and it has become a Mombag.

You may be wondering, what the difference is between a handbag and a Mombag. Well it’s not the size of the bag… or the amount of crap inside… it’s the variety of crap that is inside, and how each piece of random crap has a backstory that ties back to a lesson learned in motherhood.
Read more…

The Conjuring House Burrillville Rhode Island

Today I was browsing horror films on Amazon Prime and I noticed that The Conjuring was available. I saw this film on an airplane shortly after it was released, but honestly don’t remember much about it except that it could have been better.

The reason why it stands out to me, and why I’m writing about it now is because the “true story” that it is based on took place in my hometown of Burrillville Rhode Island, specifically in the village of Harrisville. Read more…

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