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Colorspondence Writing Paper Pt. 2

Catching up on my snail mail has been difficult lately as I find myself so endlessly distracted by other things!

Autumn is my most productive and creative time of year. My head is swimming with new ideas and my enthusiasm for making things is even more tuned up than usual, which makes it exceptionally difficult to focus on just one thing, especially while balancing mommy duties.

I have been slowly working away at new designs for my writing papers though!

Recently I uploaded 3 brand new fun and unusual designs dripping with all sorts of potential.  I’ve also enhanced the Sheep Trio download with 4 additional accent pages that I can’t wait to start using myself.

Below I’ve included some examples of the new papers, both plain and decorated. Check out my Etsy Store  for prices!  Read more…


The Louse And The Microscope

Head lice are like a creepy, crawly, itchy, twitchy rite of passage for school age children. If you never got them… congratulations, you’re very fortunate, but most kids will have them at least once, and that’s a fact.

It’s up to us, as parents to keep on top of the infestations that will inevitably set up shop on the heads of our hairy, mammalian offspring.

Though it’s not the easiest job in the world to eradicate lice, in Scotland we are lucky because the treatment is at least free on the NHS… (NHS I LOVE YOU!!) , and it is so much easier to use than I remember from when I had them as a child. Also odorless!

Anyhoo… as you have probably assumed by this point, our daughter came home with her first ever case of critters during her very first freaking week of school. We didn’t find them until the second week as it took them a wee while to get going… but that tell tale head scratching is unmistakable! Read more…

Dorset Button Jewelry

After I fell in love with making Dorset Buttons, I asked myself what else I could do with the techniques I’d learned.

I thought that necklaces might be nice, so I looked for them on google,  and all I really found were buttons on a length of string.

They were pretty, some were even very intricate, but they weren’t striking. There just wasn’t anything about necklaces I saw that made me want to put one on, however they did inspire me.

Since I typically endeavor to do something a bit different, I decided to go BIGGER.

I found rings to use, and after several hours of trial and error, I came up with some really unusual, beautiful pendants.

Not long after the necklaces were made, I thought that matching earrings would be nice, which would challenge me to take the craft to a new and tiny extreme, and I managed to make some adorable, tiny Dorset Button studs!

Below I’ve included some photos of my OOAK finished works as well as links to my shop should you wish to purchase any of them.  Read more…

Cabbage White Butterflies – Small White

My latest batch of cabbage white (small white) caterpillars did not winter with us after all!

All 9 emerged after their metamorphosis over the course of a week.

If you would like to read more about the caterpillars click HERE.

I’ve also written posts about Cabbage White caterpillars and butterflies for the large white!

They are just too beautiful for words, so in this post I’ve included several photos and even a video I managed to capture as one came out!

Read more…

Jack And Sally Giant Letters

I was asked to paint Jack and Sally from  The Nightmare Before Christmas on two giant letters (initials) for a wedding.

It’s no secret that working in miniature is definitely what I’m most comfortable doing. Certainly any fan art I’ve ever created has been quite small scale. So these giant letters were a new challenge for me in a number of ways, but mostly because they were the largest things that I’ve ever painted.

The letters arrived early in the year, however due to fitting this project around two small children, I didn’t finish them until July. The wedding that they were featured in took place last Monday (Sept. 4th), so that is why I’m only now finally getting around to writing about the project!

Below I’ve outlined how I planned out the designs, transferred the designs to the letters, and painted them. Read more…

Cabbage White Caterpillars (Small White)

A few weeks ago I discovered a bunch of butterfly eggs all over a nasturtium plant and decided to take an eggy leaf in the house so that I could watch the caterpillars develop.

At first I identified the eggs as belonging to Large (White) Cabbage White Butterflies as I saw the adults fluttering around the nasturtium plant and the eggs were very similar to those of the large white, however the eggs weren’t laid in clusters which I found very odd. As it turns out, this behavior is normal for Small (White) Cabbage White Butterflies and that’s what they were!

The adult butterflies are remarkably similar in addition to laying similar looking eggs and the larva of both butterflies eat the same plants too, however the caterpillars look nothing alike. In 2015 I took 23 large white caterpillars into my house to observe with my daughter and I’ve got that whole event thoroughly documented HERE.

Below I have documented my entirely less traumatic, small white adventure with lots of photos!

Read more…

Colorspondence Writing Paper

By Stuwahacreations – Make Every Sheet Unique, Customize & Share!

Since I started my penpal/happy mail adventure a year ago, I’ve been on the hunt for interesting and affordable writing paper. I look for it everywhere I go, and all over the internet. What I’ve discovered in all of my searching is that there are a lot of beautiful papers out there, designed by many talented people, however cost is often an obstacle, and even if cost wasn’t an issue… I’ve never found exactly what I want.

So I sat down to create my own writing paper, but more often than not found myself uninspired or just really unhappy with what I came up with on the spot. I thought, I could really use a  jump start. A theme, something to elaborate on.

As a solution to this problem I decided to start designing the sort of paper that I wanted to write on. The sort of paper that has the seeds of inspiration pre-sewn, so that I can let my imagination run wild with the potential of what might grow there. Read more…

Who Knew Orchids Grew In Scotland?

It has been another year of not planting too much in my garden. Small children just don’t make getting out there very easy, despite my best intentions.

Anyhoo… That does not mean that my garden isn’t full of life, as I’ve planted a few things, and I have let the wildflowers take root as well because I love to see what pops up!

So, last month I noticed something very unusual and spotted growing in my Dahlia pot. It had weirdly thick leaves, unlike any wild flowers I’d ever seen, so I thought that I must have planted something else in there and then promptly forgot about it. (Would not be the first time)

I allowed this mystery plant to develop and grow along side my dahlias to see what sort of flowers it would produce, so that I could finally identify it, and then one day it shot up this weird fluffy-tipped stem that resembled slightly a stalk of wheat and wasn’t at all what I was expecting, so I turned to google and keyword searched “spotty leaf wild flower Scotland” … I know… It was a HIGHLY sophisticated search, but it worked and took me directly to photos of orchids. Orchids indigenous to Scotland!

It turns out I have a common spotted orchid! Who knew, right? It’s blooming now and I’ve taken some photos. (scroll down)  Read more…

Bedtime Thoughts

So last night I was tucking my oldest daughter into bed after I read her stories.

We have a silly little routine where after she gets into bed I make her into a “sausage” and that basically means wrapping her really tight in two fuzzy, pink, cupcake covered baby blankets (feet in), and then her duvet goes on top. (sausage roll hee hee) Afterwards she gets cuddles and kisses…. and I was telling her how proud we are of her every day (I know, this is crazy sappy). Then she told me how much she loves me and her daddy and her little sister and that we are her family. She was so sweet and sincere and happy.

We do most of this just about every night, however last night what she said got me thinking about my own childhood, and how it differs from hers so dramatically.

When I was her age my father was absent from my life and raising another family.

When I was her age I remember standing in my mother’s bedroom as she told me that she had two boyfriends… but she had to choose one of them and if she decided to go with the one who didn’t want children then she would have to get rid of me. She told me this like there was a real possibility that I would no longer be welcome in my own home. This conversation was so disturbing, the memory is burned into my brain to the extent that I can practically smell the room where it happened. I was so scared about where I would go, because as far as I knew, no one else would want me.

And MY little sister (same age gap as between my daughters) was given away for adoption from birth (within our family, complicated). Her parentage was never kept a secret from either of us.

So at 5 years old, I understood far too much about life. I understood that I had to play the role of observer as other people, who wanted no part of me enjoyed what I perceived should have been my family. I missed my father and my sister every day, and at night, I went to sleep in uncertainty.

These bizarrely vivid memories caught in my throat as I tucked in my sweet, barely 5 year old girl, who was going to her bed feeling safe and loved in every way. They made me reflect on how far I’ve come, and all of the positive things in my life that I’ve worked for as well as all the positive things that have found me through the years. And I saw in her gorgeous little squishy face as she looked up at me, that even though I don’t feel like it sometimes (often), I’m damn well doing something right.

Pocket Letters

I am absolutely dumbfounded that nearly a whole month has passed since my last entry.

A lot has happened in that time, including the very unfortunate event of the Pocket Letter Pals website going from being free and wonderful, to paid and substantially less wonderful.

Pocket letters, for anyone who is unfamiliar, are basically a coordinated/themed set of 9 ATC’s (Art Trading Cards) held within a 3×3 trading card page. The backs of the pockets often contain “goodies” which are various bits of crafty things for the person that you’ve made the pocket letter for to enjoy.

The “Letter” part of pocket letters comes from the practice of including an actual, hand written letter inside one of the pockets. So a pocket letter really combines 3 things… ATC trading, craft supply trading and penpalling. Then then everything is stuffed into an appropriately sized envelope, and posted out to the intended recipient.

3 birds…. 1 strange and wonderful pocketed stone. Read more…

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