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Ditched Disposable Pads And Some Other Things Too

May 2, 2020

This isn’t a creative post, however I’ve got a couple of creative posts in the works which will be written up soon. 

This is about actively altering my perspective by trying new things and making small changes in my life to reduce waste. 

Plastic and excessive packaging in general has been on my mind a lot lately. Back in January after a lot of internal debate over price I finally took the plunge and bought some reusable menstruation pads to try. I’d been considering it for a long time because between pushing 2 babies out of my body the old fashioned way and forgetful mom brain, there is a whole list of reasons I’m not a fan of tampons anymore. The cup was actually my first choice, but we didn’t get along. 

I know these aren’t for everyone and a lot of women have sort of a knee jerk “gross” reaction to the thought of handling their own blood any more than a disposable device allows, but sometimes it’s good to question yourself and your choices and try new things. Also as a mother of girls I want to set a period positive example so when it’s time for them to make their own choices we can really talk about options without the same stigmas my mother drilled into my mind. 

Anyway, I’ve used the pads (ecolily) for 4 cycles now and even bought more because I love them so much. I wasn’t expecting to love them, but I do and I regret not making the change sooner. I read a review on a similar product somewhere where a woman stated “They’re like a hug for your fanny” and, well, she’s not wrong… they feel rather comforting as well as being comfortable and wick all moisture straight away very efficiently. Such a huge and almost shocking difference between them and sweaty smelly plastic on the skin.

Rinsing them out is no bother at all and the only issue I have with the washing process is trying to remember not to chuck them in the drier to prolong their effective usability. 

I have worn them doing a wide range of activities and they’ve not let me down yet, would definitely recommend. 

I still have a box of disposable pads in the cupboard that I keep there in case I’m going to be somewhere that it just isn’t practical to have the reusable ones, camping for example… Or if I’m going to be anywhere overnight really where I can’t dry out my used, rinsed pads. 

So yes, very positive experience, zero regrets, though fairly expensive to get started. 

During this lockdown experience I’ve also had some time to look at other products that I use and try to shift my perspective on them. For example, why do I even use bottled shampoo? The simple answer is, because I always have. It’s what is done! Except that isn’t entirely true anymore… So why continue? My hands hurt to squeeze the bottles. They encourage mould to grow in the shower. They take up space I’d much rather have clear and they generate a lot of unnecessary waste compared to alternatives. 

I’ve got very long, oily hair and I was worried that other products might not be as effective as a liquid shampoo but I decided to try out two new (to me) things just to see for myself. I went with Beauty Kubes and a shampoo bar (and continue to use both) which are as different from each other as they are from liquid shampoo. I’m not going to go into a huge review here, but I have a LOT of hair and both of the liquid shampoo alternatives I tried do exactly what they should with very little product, leaving my hair clean and fluffy and I can see absolutely no reason to use bottled shampoo ever again. 

Another thing I’ve dabbling in is using wax wraps as an alternative to the endless plastic wrap we go through. Buying them is really quite expensive, but making them costs pennies… making them also only takes a few minutes… I confess I don’t use them as often as I could and should. Sometimes it’s an effort to change perspective on something even when I’m happy with the results… But I’ll keep working at it and I’ll be dedicating some time today to expanding my wax wrap supply now that I’m thinking of it. Excellent activity to do with the kids! There are still some things I would use plastic wrap for, but the wax wraps definitely help to cut back on the amount of waste.

I’ve been using dollar shave club razors for about a year now too which admittedly does contain plastic, but it’s far less than I was going through before. I also have a silicone razor “sharpener” that prolongs the life of each blade, so I only need them delivered every couple of months. 

Oh, also in the same sort of mail order arrangement I have some zero waste deodorant that arrived last week which I can order replacement (compostable) cartridges for and it’s absolutely fantastic. 

So I am seeing more and more that doing things a certain way because it’s how I’ve always done them is definitely a mindset I need to put more effort into breaking free of. There are so many better choices available out there and none of them need to break the bank. 

I know I’m not making great strides to a zero waste household and I’m not sure that it’s something I personally could ever realistically accomplish, but I’m satisfied for now making small changes.  






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  1. Great post, v interesting and useful to think about further. Many thanks

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