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Making All The Books

March 29, 2020

The UK is in lockdown and who knows how long it will really last?

It is already more challenging than I was prepared for, but I am grateful for my crafty drive as it gives me something to look forward to and helps to take the edge off the constant gnawing worry and uncertainty.

For the last several months I’ve been working on handmade books and journals. Some are blank and some I’ve filled with arty stuff… most are works in progress.

Crochet page edges have sort of become my signature with these handmade books. Stitching paper is a very long and repetitive process, but I’ve been finding it quite soothing. So in addition to making random books that I have no idea what I’ll be doing with, I’ve also started my Inktober books for 2020 and 2021.

I genuinely didn’t think that I’d be doing inktober again after I finished last year, but I figured that if I prepare for it adequately now, it will not be as much of a job later (in theory).

My inktober books are A5 which is the largest size I’ve worked with so far. There are 16 folded A4 pages in each one and it’s going to take me quite a while to assemble them. This sort of book is definitely something that I would struggle to ever put a price on because of all the hours, but it makes them all the more special once they’re completed.

And speaking of putting a price on my books, I was asked to make a bunny book earlier in the month, which I really enjoyed putting together. It was my first book sale as well which was somewhat reassuring as I had just been considering making some books for the purpose of selling on, but I wasn’t sure how my style would be received by potential buyers. I’m still not sure how well they’d do, especially after a pandemic making everyone broke, but one sale is infinitely better than no sales.

Here is a quick silent flip through video of the rabbit journal.

Before I started the bunny book I had just finished a nature book …. The bunny book contains all original illustrations that I created just for it, however the nature book contains photocopies of my own illustrations. I did take photocopies of the bunny illustrations as well to keep, and I am developing quite a stock pile of small drawings that I can duplicate and reuse in projects.

As a rule I don’t like to include pictures of things that did not come from me in my work as I’m capable of making what I want to if I just put the time and effort in. I don’t have anything against people who do use the work of other artist however, it’s just a personal preference for me that I build from the ground up in this particular craft.

Here is a quick, silent flip through of the nature journal.

Between the bunny book and the nature book I did some experimental quick journals using greeting cards for covers. I ended up with a huge amount of blank greeting cards around Christmas time as I spotted a deal on some fabulous binders which happened to be full of greeting cards, so I’ve been trying to work out some creative ways to use them. I really love how these little books come out, and they don’t have crochet edges which makes them somewhat less time consuming, however dying all of the pages with tea and watercolor does take time.

So here is the last quick silent flip through for this post!

Anyhoo… That’s all for now. Making books is keeping me going. I’ve also got a dozen other projects to work on so no chance of getting bored.

Just trying to take this one day at a time.

Maybe once things start going back to normal (as I have to believe they will) I’ll see if anyone might be interested in purchasing from my isolation stockpile of crafty wonders :)

Stay safe and healthy everyone!





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