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3D Print Painting Part 8

November 22, 2019

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to sit down and focus on painting some 3D printed models, but at long last, I’ve gotten back to it, and this post only covers half of the ones I’ve started!

There are a couple of reasons I had to take such a lengthy break. The first is that our good printer went POOF is the smokiest and most inconvenient of ways. The second is that my 3 year old was just too much of a handful. Her behavior took a downward turn with her third birthday. (Hooray for timely developmental leaps) We couldn’t get her to sleep, and she never left me in peace. It was absolute hell. Months upon months of endless toddler torture. (It’s a good thing she’s cute) I simply could not clear the space or make the time I needed to exercise this specific craft properly. And if I can’t do a craft in such a way that I can finish the project, I tend not to start, so as to avoid the ultimate frustration. This meant that even after the printer was replaced, I had to save my models in a box and wait.

Now things are better with my daughter. She sleeps, and she is far more independent, it’s fantastic!  Also I have a few hours, four days a week, (most weeks) where there isn’t a single soul in the house to disturb me. Before she went into nursery, I hadn’t had this sort of peace in over 7 GOD DAMNED YEARS.

It is bliss.

I’ve been working on roughly 12 models this week. The first 5 that came together are featured below and have all been designed by my friend, the very talented Jukka Seppänen (Kijai). They are quite diverse and expertly sculpted. I love how Jukka can turn his hand to so many different themes and that he’s always working on something new. He certainly keeps me inspired to paint!



The first print I’d like to cover is actually the most recently released even though my backlog of prints puts me more than a year behind. (EEK!)

Dreaming Dragon (paid file)

It’s a little dragon sleeping on a log. Jukka based it on one of the sketches I created during inktober 2019, but of course put his own spin on the design and I absolutely love it to pieces. It printed so nicely and as always, supportless. Dreaming Dragon was also easy and highly enjoyable to paint with lots of delicious texture all over.



My method of painting and embellishing is the same for all models. I’m going to just make a list here to save some repetition later… If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact me!

  1. Prime whole model in one color and allow 24 hours to dry
  2. Block in base colors and allow plenty time to dry
  3. 2nd coat blocking in base colors if necessary
  4. Tidy all areas where two colors meet and edges
  5. Apply shadows with dark wash
  6. Layers, layers, layers
  7. Apply highlights with dry brush technique
  8. Layers, layers, layers
  9. Apply metallic accents
  10. Layers, layers, layers
  11. Final tidy up of any edges which may have gone astray
  12. Embellish with flocking powder, model grass, model bushes, moss, lichen, resin, sand, pebbles or shells (optional)

The paints I use aren’t special or expensive at all. They are just acrylic hobby paints that I buy for much cheapness.

Moving on, the second print I’d like to cover is this Sandworm (free file).



Originally it was of course a sandworm from Dune, and you can see in my previous post that I have already painted some smaller sandworms in proper(ish) sand worm colors, but since my husband printed me this extra large one while he was calibrating his printer and I didn’t need another sandy sandworm I decided to make it a fantasy forestworm. The model is surprisingly versatile outside the context of Dune!

It also gave me an opportunity to finally try out my pink lichen which I have been hoarding for far too long.


The third print is Blenderoth (paid file)



This is a really beautiful print with a whoooooole lot of surface area. It lends itself especially well to dry brushing as there are so many lumpy bumps, however it was a challenge sticking a paintbrush into some of the tight crystal areas. I managed though! I think that I’d like to print another one or two of these to experiment more with color schemes. It was quite striking at first with the purple crystals and the gunmetal metallic dragon, but the more I worked it the less each section seemed to pop for me. It’s definitely a model worthy of more exploration.

I decided against any foliage embellishments this time, but will definitely look into adding some into the next one.


The fourth print is Sandcastle (free file).



Typically I would try to paint a castle in a semi realistic sort of way, but someone already did that with this model, so I decided to experiment with a copper theme. I’m really happy with how it came out. The finished model looks so much like metal that it’s a bit of a surprise when you pick it up and it weighs so little. This is another print however that I’d like to do one or two more times with different themes just to play with the versatility of the model as it’s loaded with potential. Even though it’s meant to be a fairly simple, monochromatic sandcastle, it still has plenty of character and story within it as your eyes travel all over the surfaces.


The last print is of Mimikyu (free file) 



I personally never got bitten by the Pokemon bug very hard. I collected cards, had some figures, and knew all of the first series episodes as a result of my siblings being super into it, but I never played any of the games. My oldest daughter is 7, and is just starting to get into Pokemon thanks to Netflix. When she saw a picture of this model over my shoulder she really wanted one, so this is her Mimikyu.

The print is very simple to paint because of all the smooth surfaces and the limited (pre-determined) color palate. This would be a really fantastic model to give to children as a crafty painting project. I did add in some additional shadows to give it more dimension, but otherwise I kept it looking the way it was supposed to according to various Pokemon resources.

Well that’s the end for this set of prints.

It may be after Christmas by the time I get a chance to finish the rest as the holidays are moving in quickly and I need to focus my energy on some handmade gifts before I run out of days. I also never know where my crafting urges are going to take me, but I find it’s best that I listen to them as that’s the way I do my best work. This means that the next post could possibly be next week, but I somewhat doubt it.

If you’re interested in seeing what else I’m working on, Instagram is probably the best place to follow me at the moment!

In the meantime, I hope that you’ve enjoyed looking at these prints and that maybe I’ve inspired one or two 3D printing enthusiasts to pick up a paint brush and give it a go!

It’s not difficult, it just takes time and a bit of imagination. :)


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