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Inktober 2019

November 9, 2019

This year I decided to participate in Inktober. My goal was to complete 31, A6 sized, black and white drawings with Micron pens by the end of the month. Ideally finishing 1 per day. Many people follow prompts to create their daily pieces, however I decided not to use prompts and just drew whatever floated to the surface of the page.

In advance I made a book for them all to live in as I thought that with 32 pages fill, I would force myself to actually finish the exercise.

The good news is that I did finish 31 drawings! The bad news is, it took me an extra week, but I got it done. And in the spirit of Inktober I did draw every day, however I ended up working on the pictures in batches of 4 or 5 so that I could cycle/rotate through them for maximum productivity.

Upon reflection I’m glad that I did it, but I’m more glad it’s over and I don’t think I will ever be participating in inktober again as I prefer to just head in the direction my creative urges rather than forcing myself to engage in one specific task for a prolonged period of time. It sort of takes the joy out of the experience.

At the end of the day though, I do have a really cool book which I am pretty happy with.

Instead of making a super long winded post, I’ve included a video flip through of the book below, where I chat a bit about the individual drawings.


If you’d like to get a closer look at the individual drawings, they are all uploaded to my instagram @stuwaha





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