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February 8, 2019

I do a lot of freehand amigurumi, and this little guy is one of my many recent creations.

BAT is the main character of the children’s book I AM BAT by Morag Hood. My youngest daughter received a copy of the book for Christmas and she loves it. In fact it’s the first book that she’s ever actually let me sit down and read to her, which made it extra special to me.

The story is so simple, but adorably illustrated and relatable to quite possibly ever toddler ever, so to be honest, we all love the book. (Highly recommend)

As a result of the impression this book made on our little family, I decided to bring Morag Hood’s lovely illustration of BAT to life with a crochet amigurumi doll for my daughter.


Her response to receiving her very own 3D BAT was priceless. It brings me SO much joy to be able to turn a mess of string into something with such personality that can be cuddled, squished, loved and played with.

It took me about two days to get all of the pieces made and stitched together. I used chunky grey yarn to give it a bit of interesting texture and DK yarn for the black parts. If I was writing a pattern though, I’d definitely use DK for the whole thing as the chunky was quite challenging to work with at this scale! (Roughly 7 inches from bum to ears) I’d also make the ears a teeny bit smaller. :)

His eyes are little black beads as they were a perfect size when compared to the illustration and the mouth/teeth/toes were embroidered on with embroidery thread.

I also made two accessories for BAT which are a set of cherries and a pear as they are relevant  in the book.

If you scroll down I have included a picture of the back of the book to compare!




Now that I got BAT out of my system, I’m in the middle of a few more potential patterns, trying to use up my yarn stash. Wish me luck :)

  1. Jill herrin permalink

    I became a great grandma this past December. I found this book I am bat and I started reading it to my granddaughter. And of course I read it funny with the loud voice. and she loves it and loves the pictures and everything. I was searching around last night for a bat that I could get her and I stumbled across your site. I was wondering if you would make me a set of bat and cherries and a pear like you did for your daughter! My heart was so happy when I saw what you had made. If you could let me know if you might be able to do that it would be great. Thank you for sharing that.

  2. Jill E Herrin permalink

    Omg!!!! I became a great Gramma in December. I found the book i am bat!! I love it and so does my lil GiGi. I read it to her all the time. And she loves it. I read it i. A special loud kinda way….lol Would you consider making and selling me one like you made your daughter?! I was so very excited when i saw it. My heart grew 3 sizes. What a gift i could share with her!

  3. Jordan Longever permalink

    So awesome!!!! You are so talented. This warms my heart! I’m sure your daughter flipped over your BAT!!

    • Thank you! :) Bat has a much prized position of favor in her bed with all of her most special soft toys. (she is very particular) She loves acting out the book with him too!

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