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2019 Goals… Cause F*ck Resolutions

December 31, 2018

Ok, I admit that I said it a bit more eloquently in my end of year post of 2017, but yeah, in short, resolutions are ridiculous. Goals are achievable.

Speaking of my 2017 goals… where have I succeeded and where have I fallen short?

(Warning: This is going to be a long winded post)

Well my store is dead. For the first time since 2014 I let everything expire. There was no joy in it for me anymore and there wasn’t any profit either thanks to customers either lying about not getting packages, or Royal Mail failing to deliver them far too frequently and the IRS making me spend a ridiculous sum just to file my expat taxes every year even if I don’t owe them a cent. It was really nice having that little bit of my own income, but now it is actually cheaper for me to not try to make money while staying at home, raising my children. (Thanks America!)

On the positive side I’ve lost ¾ of the 100lbs I wanted to lose. I’m calling that a huge win. I have seen and felt all of the benefits that I anticipated from the weight loss and the reason why I haven’t lost the 100 or even more than that is because I’ve been doing it slowly. No crash dieting, just healthier, mindful eating and creating new food habits. If that means I lose ¼ of a pound a week, then so be it. At least the weight is coming off.

Self care was another area that I wanted to improve in, primarily to help me through the weight loss. I have done pretty well I think, but I’d like to focus on more specific areas of self care in 2019.

I have not made any progress in learning more about 3D modelling and printing, but I am confident that will come in time as now at least I have a PC that can handle the software.

I made 0 of the 3 crochet octopuses for premature babies that I wanted to make. The main reason for that is the previous ones that I created hurt my carpel tunnel hands so much. I have no other excuse , except that I suppose many other far more fun and pain free projects have been pushing themselves into the forefront of my creative to do list. I’m taking it off the table for 2019 and will see where the hook takes me.

Lastly, I managed 24 blog posts (including this one) in 2018. It wasn’t always twice a month, which was my aim, however it does average out, so I’m going to call that a win too!

All things considered, and after a great deal of reflection over the past week, I’ve come up with a nice round number of 10 goals to focus on for the coming year, bearing in mind that 365 days disappear so quickly!

Keep weight off

I’ve lost so much and I’m looking forward to gallbladder surgery in February, so keeping the weight off will be more difficult than ever once I can (eventually) eat without the fear of incapacitating pain. This will be my biggest challenge for sure as I love food and I’m hungry all the time, but I’m also really afraid of losing my progress as so many people do after big weight loss. Have to focus on preserving the healthy habits that I’ve formed over these months of misery!

Pelvic floor

Not going to sugar-coat it, I did some damage to my undercarriage during my second birthing experience. Nearly 3 years later and 75lbs lighter, I am just now realizing the full extent of it, but only when I forget to regularly do pelvic floor exercises… so my next goal is to make this into more of a habit instead of a thing I do when discomfort makes me remember. Have downloaded an app to see if it helps to remind me.

Drink more water

This sounds so cliché… but I am dehydrated all the time. I drink mostly diet coke, and not enough of it to stay hydrated, so I really need to make a conscious effort to drink more water. Genetics are massively not on my side when it comes to the formation of kidney stones, so this is something I want to nip in the bud before I end up having a problem (assuming it’s not too late already). If my year of the diseased gallbladder has taught me anything, it’s to trust in genetic predispositions.

I need to focus on making the regular consumption of water a habit, and habits take time to form… so it might be a year long investment in hydration… but i’m pretty sure my kidneys will thank me, and if they don’t my urethra sure as hell will.

As Many Adventure Weekends As Humanly Possible, And 150 New Logged Geocaches

(ending 2018 with 151)

This year I discovered Geocaching with my family and my friends. It’s been the best thing for providing us with some direction in getting out in the world and helping to keep me focused on my physical health as well as ensuring lots of screen free, quality time with the kids.

Right now, with the weather cold, wet and miserable it isn’t so easy to drag our girls out. But I definitely want to continue on this path and fit in as many weekends of adventures and picnics in strange places, learning about the local wildlife and getting filthy as we can manage!

In fact, we already have an adventure planned for the 1st to start the new year off in the best possible way!

Creative Collaboration

Collaborating with creative people brings me a great deal of happiness and inspires me to try new things all of the time, so I want to get involved in as many collaborative pursuits as I can in 2019. Some are serious, and some are silly… some are planned and some are spontaneous, they are all good!

I already have some collaborative swaps planned that I’m really looking forward to in 2019. I also have a box full of 3D printed models to paint and embellish. They were all designed by my friend, and I can’t wait to start getting to work on them (possibly making videos of the process as well) as nothing makes me quite as joy-filled as a completed miniature, and his designs (which we sometimes collaborate on) motivate and inspire me so much.

30 New Blog Posts

As previously mentioned, I managed 24 in 2018. It was a struggle at times so I’m not going to up the total too much, but I think that 30 is a reasonable number!

Make Sushi Often

I made sushi for the second time ever on Christmas Eve and it came out amazing. More importantly, it was ridiculously easy. Since sushi is so good for me I would like to make this more of a regular thing as it’s inexpensive, delicious, filling and healthy.

Design and publish 2 New Crochet Patterns

Earlier this year I published a couple of patterns on Ravelry and they’ve both done surprisingly well, so I’d like to do a couple more more… no ideas yet as to what sort of patterns they will be (quite keen to design a doily), but I do love my crochet…. unless of course it’s crocheting tight little octopods that break my hands.

I’ve been working on a pattern that I plan to release in January hopefully, and all the hard work has already been done on it, so I’m not going to count it to the total of my new goal.

Nettle Soup

I know this is a weird and random one… But I’ve seen recipes for Nettle Soup since I was a child, and I’ve always really wondered what on earth would inspire people to put a nettle into their mouth…. So I’ve discussed it with my lovely mother-in-law who bought me a foraging book for Christmas that is full of recipes, and we decided that we’re going to be brave.

We’re going to harvest the nettles, cook them, and find out what the hell is so appealing about Nettle Soup that is has survived for so long.

Nature Garden

Finally, last but not least (is anyone still reading?) … My garden!

Last year I put a lot (a LOT) of thought into how I want my garden to work for our family. We grew some food, a plethora of different wildflowers and even managed to get a tiny frog pond established.

I would very much like to continue on this path by planting 2 apple trees as well as more potatoes, and planting two mini meadows to attract indigenous mini beasties.

The best thing I discovered about the wildflowers is they require almost no attention! (highly recommend the miracle grow wildflower mix) I love being able to teach our girls about the various plants, as well as the insects that they attract, and if we get some frogs or toads in the pond that will be beyond amazing as their life cycles are nothing short of magical to observe through tiny, inquisitive eyeballs.

I don’t have any plans for specific caterpillar rearing this coming summer as I’ve done the past 3 years, however we’ll see who comes to visit us. The nasturtiums never disappoint in providing us with an endless supply of cabbage white larvae!


Well… That’s all of it I guess. My goals seem both reasonable and achievable. Very excited to get started.

Hope everyone stays safe, and has a fabulous new year!

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