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Tampon Ghosts

October 4, 2018

This afternoon I had a fantastic time making tampon ghosts with my craftiest of friends.

I am in Scotland, and they are both in England, nowhere near each other, but when I randomly sent them a photo of a tampon ghost in our group chat, we somehow all produced the materials to make them almost instantly.

The three of us take our crafting pretty seriously, and this isn’t exactly a serious craft, but it was too fun not to share.

We’re just 3 grown women (and one little girl) celebrating Halloween, and womanhood by up-cycling some old tampons that had been in our cupboards for years.

Hope the photos make you smile!

Anna Instagram

Bel Instagram 

Sarah Instagram 

Sarah/Anna Instagram

This isn’t going to be a tutorial. Putting google eyes on a tampon isn’t brain surgery, however you may need to manipulate the string and use some glue to get them into shape. Anna and I deconstructed ours a bit. I think Bel had the best idea, just leaving the string where it was and chopping off the bottom!

Brain Ghostie By Anna (on festive Halloween tree!)

Melty Face Ghostie By Anna (on festive Halloween tree!)

Angry Eyes Ghostie By Bel

Pumpkin Ghostie By Bel

All The Ghosties By Bel

Ghosties By Sarah (me)

Ghosties By My 6 Year Old Little Girl

The things we come up with when we put our heads together are never disappointing. I am still just beyond amused that this happened. :)

Absolutely saving them for my Christmas tree.




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  1. LOL, I love these!

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