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Super Simple, Practical And Basic Crochet Fingerless Gloves Pattern

September 23, 2018

Fingerless gloves are very nice to have in the chilly weather, however I like my clothing on the practical side and couldn’t find a crochet pattern that really spoke to me. Something not pointlessly ornate, too bulky, or too lacy.

So I worked out a pattern for myself and I’m really happy with how they turned out. They are soft, and warm, and like anything handmade, extra, super, wonderfully cosy. I’ve already made about 5 pairs and suspect that I’ll be making even more with Christmas coming up fast.

Below I’ve written out the instructions for anyone else who would like to make a pair!

Materials Required

  • DK yarn, any color
  • 4.0mm Crochet hook
  • Darning needle for sewing in ends.
  • Stitch marker


Sleeve Portion


Start with a chainless foundation row consisting of 34 SC stitches. (This is row 1)

If you’ve never tried this method before, it’s a game changer and it’s super easy… definitely worth looking into as it is tidy and stretchy which gives it a much nicer finish than making single crochet stitches into chains.

Row 2-30. Turn Ch 1 and Sc into each of the 34 stitches (do not fasten off)

Fold fabric in half and sl st through stitches on both sides to create a seam.

Turn tube inside-out (important to hide seam bump)

The next set of rows will be worked in a continuous spiral.

Hand Portion


Turn work as in above photo and place stitch marker in the loop that is on the hook. Replace stitch marker each time around so that you always know where your starting point is for a new round.

Round 1 SC into the ends of the first SC row of the sleeve portion all the way around (30 SC)

Round 2 Sc around (30 SC)

Round 3 (for left hand glove)Β SC in first SC of round 2 then chain 10 LOOSELY, skip 5 stitches and sc into the 7th stitch from the marker.

Round 3 (For right hand glove) Sc into first 23 sc of round 2 then chain 10 LOOSELY, skip 5 stitches and sc into the next two stitches.

Round 4 SC around and when you encounter the CH 10 loop SC 10 stitches around the chains. (33 SC)

Now is a good time to try on the glove to be sure that the thumb hole is comfortable and not too stiff. If it feels uncomfortable pull back to round 3 and do the chain loop again, looser.

Round 5-7 SC around (33 SC)

Go up to 8 or 9 rounds if it is cosier for you :)

Once gloves are at the size you are happy with, fasten off and sew in ends.


Here is another pair I made recently too:




One Comment
  1. Caleigh permalink

    I love this pattern – it’s super easy to make, and is pretty easy to adjust as necessary for size! I’ve made two pairs since I’ve first found it on Ravelry.

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