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Exploring The Exquisite Corpse

August 21, 2018

Over the past two years I have tried a lot of different sorts of mail art exchanges, and a few weeks ago while racking my brain for something new to try I remembered exquisite corpses.

An exquisite corpse is a drawing collaboration between two or more artists who don’t know what the other person’s contribution looks like until the full picture is revealed upon completion. I’ve wanted to try doing one with someone since I was about 18 years old but the opportunity never really came up.

As it happens I have a friend whose weird matches my weird and she can draw! Thankfully she was also up for giving it a try with me, and we’ve been sort of shamelessly addicted to creating exquisite corpses together ever since.

I started an instagram where I’ve been uploading our completed EC’s ( check it out for more examples) and I assume we’re just going to casually keep at it until we get bored or distracted!

Below I’ve included a few examples of our recent collaborations.


The photo above is of a set of 5 that I started. I’ve been using micron pens, but they’re not lasting as long as I’d like, so I’m very much open to new pen suggestions!

The photo below is how I sent them to Anna with only a tiny bit of my side showing so that she had no idea what my contribution looked like until the very end.

It’s actually been a huge stress relief for me being able to draw again so freely without worrying about the whole picture. It’s really bizarre just sketching something totally unplanned without any hang ups about perfecting the “full picture” because half of it is entirely in the hands of the other artist.

And having said that, I am really fortunate to have another artist to work with who meshes so well with me stylistically. I love the completed results so much, it’s like Christmas pulling away the paper for the big reveal at the end! At this point I could really just do this all day. :)

But yeah… I’ve got two children and a messy house to tend to in between all my other craft projects plus crochet… so I don’t exactly have enough to wallpaper with… yet!





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