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3D Print Painting Part 7

March 1, 2018

Here is another batch of 3D prints that I’ve painted and embellished.

I’ve separated this post from the last one as this post features 3 different designers, whereas most of my other 3D printing posts feature designs exclusively by Kijai. :)

I’m only featuring three different models here, however one model I’ve painted three different ways, so I’m covering a total of five models. I’ve also provided the links to the free STL’s for all of the prints.

All previous 3D print painting posts have been filed into their own neat and tidy category in the “3D printed models” menu above.

The first model I’ll talk about is this lovely Snail by Makerslabcz. My husband printed it for me about two years ago probably? And I’d always intended to paint it, but then it went in a box and I forgot I even had it, but recently I found the box, and the snail!

I debated whether to try something wild and crazy, but opted for the simple, natural-ish paint job.

This was a fairly rough print from back before our printer wasn’t as fine tuned as it is now, but I like the extra character that the rough print gave to the snail overall. :)

First the whole model was primed with some brushed on grey acrylic paint and left to dry for a day.

Next I blocked in the colors which were dark brown for the shell and yellow for the body. I needed a couple of layers of paint to get into all of the rough bits so it took me a couple of days to get through this.

Then I added in white and pink spots all over the body to give it some distinctive markings which ended up not photographing very accurately… but it looks pretty good in person.

I used a dark brown mixed with black wash to add shadows to the shell and where the shell meets the body of the snail and used a dark brown wash on the underside of the neck. I applied a raw sienna wash over the body where I’d painted on the spots to dull them a bit.

After the washes had set I was able to paint in the highlights with a dry brush and that was just a bit of yellow to the body and raw sienna to the shell. I did this in a few layers and that’s the extent of it. :D

There are a few additional things that I could have done to the model, but I decided to leave it as it is and I’ll get my husband to print me another to get those details out of my system, then I’ll have two!

The next model I’ll cover is Aria the Dragon by Louise Driggers (Loubie).

This is another one that my husband printed ages ago. Our printer actually chewed up the underside pretty badly, so I needed to do a lot of filing before painting. This wasn’t the fault of the STL, purely our printer being a brat… But I don’t like to throw out a print that can be saved!

After I filed and clipped the model into submission, I primed it all with some brushed on grey acrylic paint and let it dry for a day.

I didn’t really have any sort of color plan at all in advance for this. Just some deep red paint that I love, but rarely get an opportunity to use, so that’s why she’s red! And I painted the whole dragon red, leaving the base grey. There was a lot of going back and forth between grey and red where the base met the dragon in various places. I didn’t get it perfect, I can see that from the photos… but in my hand, it looks pretty tidy.

So once the red was dry I started outlining the wings in tan because I had a puddle of tan in front of me from something else that I was painting at the same time… to my honest surprise, it sort of worked and I let it dry.

Next I went through and started adding shadows with a violet wash and let them all dry.

The highlights were applied with tan and red and metallic blue and it was just a big fat experiment. I wasn’t sure how it was going to end up looking, so I went back and forth with the colors (back painting over any sections that I didn’t like) and eventually it came out looking like this!

I have to admit, I’m much much better at painting buildings or scenery or nature-y things than I am at figures or characters, but it’s something that I enjoy figuring out even though it’s sometimes a really frustrating process.

The last thing that I did was to focus on the face, starting with the eyes, they were black and white to start, and then I finished them off with a dot of gold to catch the light. While outlining the eyes, I also put a tiny bit of black in the mouth and ears.

The base was sort of an afterthought It’s just grey and silver… In fact, this is ANOTHER model that I’d like to get a better print of so that I can focus more on the model, and less on covering up where my printer butchered the model… on the next one I have some ideas for the base that will hopefully turn out awesome :D

Click on any of the photos below to view more full size photos.


The last model I’m going to cover is the Chibi Grim by Tanya Wiesner (twiesner).

I really like this model, it’s adorable, however I would have liked a smother finish in the faces, (our printer again) not entirely sure what happened there, but I made it work!

I call them The Tribblets because I couldn’t decide on how to paint 1, so I had my husband print me 3… and that’s how my 5 year old pronounces triplets which I also think is adorable.

So, about the painting!

First I primed them all with a single layer of brushed on grey acrylic and let that dry for a day.

Next I blocked in the colors. White for bone, black for eyes, black, pink and red for cloaks and the bases were white, green and brown. The scythes started out all silver bladed and brown handled. Then I let them dry for a day.

Shadows were applied with a grey wash to the bone, violet to the red and pink and obviously no shadows were applied to the black cloak.

Then it was time for dry brushing in the highlights. I highlighted white for the bones (obviously). White and several layers of light pink to the pink and a bit of pink to the red. The black cloak was highlighted with a few layers of white.

After the highlights were applied I had to go back and tidy up all of the edges where bone met fabric. This was a tedious but necessary step.

Then I changed the colors on the handles of the scythes sothat they were all different and changed the red grim’s blade to gold.

That was pretty much the end of the painting side of things. Next I focussed on the bases.

I wanted to make sure that the bases were as different from one another as the cloaks, so I went for spring grass and flowers, bloody snow and sand with tufty grass.

The designer had her name on the bases in raised text, but I obliterated it in order to decorate them. :/

For the pink Grim’s base, I covered it in bright green, spring medowy 2mm static grass which I applied with PVA (white school glue). When that was dry I added in some flowers with colored clump foliage.

For the black Grim’s base, I covered it in two layers of snow … which is basically a fine powder of fluff. (applied again with PVA) When the snow was all dry, I added in the blood to the scythe and the ground with two shades of red… because I couldn’t resist further embellishing the lovely white snow. Also, I added some snow to the hood and to the top of the scythe.

For the red Grim’s base, I covered it with sand and when the sand was dried, I added in some pebbles and grassy tufts with 6mm static grass.  (more PVA) and that’s the end!

Click on any photos in the gallery below to view more full size images of these models.


So that’s it for this batch of models between the post I made yesterday and this one. I’m sure that I’ll have another batch ready by the end of the month though!

If you like to read about how I finish my prints, you’re welcome to check out my previous 3D print painting posts, or subscribe to my blog to be updated via email when I publish posts in the future. If you’d prefer more visual and less reading, I’ve recently created a YouTube channel for that very purpose which I’m working on populating with videos of all the prints I’ve done over the past few months, but I have a little bit of catching up to do before I am current. Hoping to have that all caught  up by the end of the month though.

As always, if you have any questions at all, please drop them in the comments or contact me!

  1. Marcos T permalink

    Surfing at internet I´ve found your site and let me tell you: you´re very talented. Your jobs are absolutely outstanding: no simple colors over plastic. Nuances, gradients.. Refined technique…


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