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Adventures In Crochet – Weebee Dolls

January 17, 2018

Amigurumi is the art of making small, stuffed yarn creatures using knitting or crochet. I’ve been crocheting amigurumi toys for nearly 3 years and I’ll be honest, every single one is a huge pain in the ass to create… but I love them anyway.

Of all the patterns I have tried and all of the creatures I have freehanded, the Weebee pattern by Laura Tegg is a solid favorite of mine which I keep coming back to because it is so simple and versatile. 

Cute crochet doll patterns with coordinating clothing and accessories is one of those wonderful ideas that I really wish I’d come up with myself. Unfortunately I did not, however I do like using the Weebee patterns as a jumping off point for my own adaptations and that’s a huge part of their versatile appeal for me.

Another reason why these patterns are so attractive to me is that there are a LOT of different options provided by their creator and they are very well written linking to technique videos to support even the most beginner level crafter.

It’s also probably important to note that… The doll patterns are completely free as well as many of the clothing patterns! Even the paid patterns are reasonably priced.

Anyway.  Enough of me rambling about patterns.

Below I’ll show off all of my dolls below in chronological order  as a sort of Weebee progression gallery, and I’ve included links to all of the patterns as well as any notes regarding their composition.

Each Weebee I’ve made so far has taken me between 2-5 days to make. I crochet pretty quickly but two little girls and carpal tunnel in both hands slows me down a fair bit.

I’ll also update the post as I create more!

This was my very first Weebee. I only had 12mm safety eyes and thought that her head was far too large to pull them off, so I tried my hand at crochet eyes with the help of a Youtube video, and they were a lot easier to make than they look!

I’d planned to give her some super cute afro puff pigtails, but my 1 year old claimed her and I thought that she’d probably tear them apart, so that is why she doesn’t have fancy hair.

She is wearing this dress pattern and the little Mary Jane shoes are from this pattern here.

I also made her a little pair of matching undies which you can’t see in the photo because she needed them. :)

Since my youngest daughter claimed the first doll, my oldest daughter asked for an Ariel doll, so I had a go at the little weebee pattern.

She has 12mm safety eyes and her tail is removable to reveal two little legs with formed feet inside.

I freehanded both the seashell bra and the tail and intended to also make her a dress, but haven’t actually gotten around to that part as of yet.

Each strand of her hair has been individually hooked in around the crochet stitches and it was a very big job. It feels pretty amazing though :D

I love babies in footie jammies, so the my first Weebee bunny pattern is very appealing to me. It also means that I save a lot of time not having to make extra clothing.

This doll features 15mm safety eyes which I think suit the size of her head much better than the 12mm ones would. I also prefer safety eyes to crochet ones as they are glossy and they sort of look more alive to me.

I freehanded the owl face on the pattern’s hat and sewed in the button eyes and pom pom ear tufts.

To avoid having an absolute ton of hair, I only hooked in roughly two rows all around her head and then I sewed the hat onto her head so that it’s not removable. My original plan was to cut her hair to waist length, but I ended up really liking it long.

This doll is currently put away to give to one of my daughters when she is older. I haven’t decided which one yet.

While working on the little owl jammies doll I realized that the bunny hat pattern was perfect to make a baby Louise Belcher (From Bob’s Burgers)

I followed the pattern almost exactly except I added the little ear flaps to the side to make her hat look more like Louise’s hat.

She also has 15mm safety eyes and I only did two rows of hair with the hat sewn onto the head as well. her hair is then joined in pigtails behind her head to look more like Louise.

This doll is also put away for one of my daughters to have when she is older, but I haven’t decided which one to give it to yet. :)

In winter 2017 someone got the fabulous idea to use white yarn to make a Weebee snowman, and posted it to the Weebee Appreciation Society, Facebook group. Shortly afterward Laura released an official free pattern which included a bunch of adorable, removable snowman accessories (which will also fit any other standard Weebee doll).

I had some white sparkle yarn to try and I needed to make a christmas present for my auntie in the United States, so I put this little guy together.

He also has 15mm safety eyes and his hat, and gloves can be removed. The pattern also includes adorable little boots, but after I made them I decided that they didn’t really suit my snowman, so I left them off.

After making the first snowman, I decided to make a snowgirl too as I still had some sparkle yarn and needed to make christmas gifts.

I followed the pattern for the doll and the skirt, (linked in the pattern) but I am not making a link to the skirt as something went wrong… I’m not 100% sure what I did wrong as I decided not to fix it because I liked how it was getting all big and curly :D

I decided not to make the gloves, boots or scarf as they didn’t really suit her. However as a finishing touch I made her a little heart necklace with a matching rhinestone.

Recently someone had also posted in the “Weebee Appreciation Society” Facebook group a picture of a snail Weebee and I was immediately inspired to make a slug Weebee! Well… I call it a caterpillar slug baby… because it could be either :D

Actually it reminds me of a Glowworm doll. <3

The yarn I used has a greenish iridescent sparkle thread to it which doesn’t photograph well, but looks awesome in person.

This is  another variation of the my first weebee pattern. Instead of making legs I freehanded the tapered tail up to the waist (then followed the pattern for the rest of the body) and instead of adding bunny ears to the hat, I freehanded a couple of antennae.

This doll features 12mm safety eyes and is possibly my favorite one to date :)

I did write down the stitch counts to modify the legs and for the antennae… If anyone actually wants the patterns, just let me know, otherwise it’s not really worth typing them out right now!

Not sure what I am going to do with this doll yet.

This is another caterpillar slug baby made with purple sparkle yarn. She was supposed to have brown skin, but when it came time to do the head, I couldn’t find the brown yarn that I wanted to use so I think that I will make a third now with brown skin.

She also features 12mm safety eyes, however I relaxed my tension a bit so the doll is larger and the eyes are one more space apart. I think it’s interesting seeing how much a dolls face can change with something as small as spacing the eyes one more stitch apart. Still a cute doll, but I prefer the blue one! Next I think I will try one with 15mm safety eyes to see how that affects the face overall :D

This doll is also currently homeless.

swaddled andorian baby

Here is the last caterpillar slug baby for now!!! There is actually another one too but I keep forgetting to get a photo of her… anyway, when I finished that one my friend commented that it reminded her of an Andorian… and of course, OF COURSE I had to make just one more… this is my new favorite <3

Made with 12mm safety eyes again. Though the one I keep forgetting to get a photo of has 15mm safty eyes and they do look great!



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    Can you tell me if Weebee appreciation society group is still going. I am having difficulty logging into the site. I have been a member of Laura’s group for a few years. I have tried emailing her but it comes up unavailable appreciate your help

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