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SALE And Challenges For The New Year

January 1, 2018

There are quite a few things that I would like to focus on for 2018, and though I’m not a fan of new year resolutions, the time after the chaos of the holidays does seem like the most logical place to start forming goals.

Also calling them goals instead of resolutions makes them sound more achievable to me, because a resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. Failing at a resolution is really quite disheartening.  A goal on the other hand is an aspiration. An idea to work to. It’s softer, and forgiving when life, and situations outside of my control may disrupt any and all plans I’ve made.  

2017 was rough for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I didn’t realize that all this time (12 years) living in Scotland with no intention to ever return to the USA, the IRS has been expecting me to file my taxes, even if I don’t actually have any taxes to pay. So getting that all sorted out was massively stressful and and financially draining. Right now, at this moment I literally have £20 in my bank account that I’m afraid to touch and that has more or less been the case for all of 2017.

Anyhoo my primary focus for 2018 is to create more, not with the hope to sell, but because it’s what gets me up in the morning… and if my secondary focus has a chance in hell of succeeding, I need something consistent to hang onto to keep myself from wallowing in self loathing and frustration.

  1. I’ve decided to let my store die, and then build it back up with only things I enjoy making. No more killing myself making and renewing store listings for things that I don’t love. The rebuilding may take more than a year, but I’m not going to worry about it. Right now I’ve got a coupon code in my store for 50% off of everything, (50PERCENTOFF) but I’m not renewing listings, so once they expire or sell out, they’re gone. In fact, several listings will disappear by the end of today due to expiration. Then all of my remaining inventory after the store is empty will go into a box to exist until I can part with it some other way.
  2. Learn more about 3D modelling for 3D printing. This may be very challenging with my crummy laptop and failure to grasp basic modelling skills, but it is still an avenue of creativity that I would like to pursue.
  3. Make more octopuses for premature babies ... 3 seems like a reasonable number, however I am hoping to exceed this goal. They just really hurt my hands to make as the stitches need to be tiny and very tight.
  4. Publish in my blog at least twice a month. Last year my goal was once a month and I met that with posts to spare, however I think I can manage at least twice that.

My secondary focus, which I hope will go hand in hand with the first is to lose 100lbs – mainly because I hurt all the time and most of the pain is probably because of the stress extra weight has put on my body. Also for a plethora of other reasons, but I’ll be honest, pain is a pretty large and persistent motivator. I know it’s a huge goal, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable.

Finally I’d like to focus on myself a tiny bit… for example I’d really like to get an opportunity to play with the gel manicure set that my mother in law got me for Christmas in 2016… Maybe I’ll do that tonight after my husband dyes my hair for the first time since February 2016…. so much grey… :/

Then again… I am easily distracted…

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