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Colorspondence Writing Paper Pt. 2

September 15, 2017

Catching up on my snail mail has been difficult lately as I find myself so endlessly distracted by other things!

Autumn is my most productive and creative time of year. My head is swimming with new ideas and my enthusiasm for making things is even more tuned up than usual, which makes it exceptionally difficult to focus on just one thing, especially while balancing mommy duties.

I have been slowly working away at new designs for my writing papers though!

Recently I uploaded 3 brand new fun and unusual designs dripping with all sorts of potential.  I’ve also enhanced the Sheep Trio download with 4 additional accent pages that I can’t wait to start using myself.

Below I’ve included some examples of the new papers, both plain and decorated. Check out my Etsy Store  for prices! 



Originally I called this design “Apothecary” because initially I imagined worn bottles labeled with names of  herbs and potions… but these designs are made with versatility in mind so there are really a million things that could be done with them.

I genuinely have no excuse for  the q-tips… But I am a little bit crazy about the tentacles <3

The dolls are fun as a random corner design, and the skulls are great to play with as well.

I think that I’m going to take a break from this for a little while to focus on other things, and maybe I’ll do a giveaway at some point in the next few weeks for one of the A5 pads.

The photos under this text are some  finished designs from the first set of papers that I’ve got available in my store as print at home downloads in addition to being available pre-printed on A5 pads!

  1. I like the piture with the bunny and everything below from there. Do you also make stickers?

    • Thanks :) I’ve been looking for a way to affordably have stickers printed, but haven’t found a supplier I’m happy with yet!

  2. I like the picture with the bunny design and everything below. It’s so cute. Do you also make stickers?

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