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The Conjuring House Burrillville Rhode Island

September 9, 2016

Today I was browsing horror films on Amazon Prime and I noticed that The Conjuring was available. I saw this film on an airplane shortly after it was released, but honestly don’t remember much about it except that it could have been better.

The reason why it stands out to me, and why I’m writing about it now is because the “true story” that it is based on took place in my hometown of Burrillville Rhode Island, specifically in the village of Harrisville.

I was an avid “true” ghost story collector as a child/teenager. I ate that stuff up like candy… or Doritos… I couldn’t get enough… and I probably actually remember most of what I read because I absorbed it like a sponge (information has now gone from snacks to liquid in my analogy… I must be thirsty as well as hungry). I grew up knowing this place existed as a “haunted” local house in my town and that Ed and Lorraine Warren had graced it with their presence, but I’ve never personally sought the property out or looked it up before today.

My curiosity took me to the internet to research a bit more about what the Perron family had to say about it versus what the movie producers turned that into. After my brief curiosity was satisfied I noticed that there was a link to an hour long video by Norma Sutcliffe, the current owner of the house, with the caption “Conjuring House’s Current Owner Disproved Movie And Andrea Perron’s Story” At first, I wasn’t going to watch/listen to it, but I’m really glad that I did because it helped me to put this legendary hometown haunting into perspective.

The video comprises of a lot of (sometimes badly cropped) photographs, mostly of correspondence Norma has gathered arguing just about everything that the Perron family has claimed to know about the history of the house. As these photos are changing on the screen she explains, in great detail, the actual history of the house (as she put a great deal of time into properly researching it), her point of view about her own experience in the house, and the detrimental effect the movie’s release has had upon her life.

Bearing in mind that there are two sides to every story, historical documents tell their own story, untainted by hundreds of years of rumor, myth and creative embellishments and as soon as the information available proves that someone has used a lack of evidence as permission to fabricate a history of fiction to suit their own agenda, they’ve lost all credibility for me even if any base root of the story was true.

I am not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination, but there are experiences I’ve had in my life that I can’t explain. I like to keep an open mind about most things, however in my opinion… anything that comes from the imaginations of Ed and Lorraine Warren cannot be trusted. Let’s never forget the fuel they threw on the Amityville fire (which has since been admitted as a complete hoax), and this to me, is clearly that all over again.

The thing that really struck a nerve in me wasn’t the paranormal debate or the historical debate or which permissions were given by whom to do what at all though, it was the fact that this couple is trying to enjoy their retirement on their beautiful rural property and entitled asshats have decided that their home and their land is a free for all. People who have no respect for their privacy, come onto their property at all hours, without permission and treat it like a spooky tourist attraction. There are signs clearly posted everywhere warning against trespassing and even chains on the borders of the property with more signs, and people continue to ignore these barriers, sometimes removing them completely because they somehow feel that they have the right to do so.

Norma even states (paraphrasing) that she’s confronted people she has found on her land about how their presence is profoundly upsetting her and her husband and they’ve apologized to her, stating that the thought that they’re violating someone’s privacy by traipsing around their property uninvited had never actually occurred to them.

Because, (I guess) they were raised by wolves…

I believe that the house’s address in this day and age would have found its way onto the internet one way or another… with or without a movie. Everyone who grew up in Burrillville any time between the 70’s and now knows about it… and someone was bound to release the information at some point, but having said that, it really sickens me that people feel so entitled that they allow their curiosity to take them exploring all over a private residence on a whim. A movie is not permission. Morbid curiosity, is not permission. Even if you genuinely believe you’re being inoffensive and unobtrusive… if you don’t have permission… YOU DON’T HAVE PERMISSION! It’s not a public historical site… it’s not a cemetery… this is someone’s HOME. Utilize some common sense… be respectful, and have some MANNERS!

Also, wasting police time (because they have to get the police involved constantly) because you’ve decided to have a romp around private property is incredibly shitty, so if you’re guilty of this, I hope karma bites you in the ass really hard.

There is a part of me that is disappointed about the debunking of our towns most noteworthy “haunting” but there is a bigger part of me that feels enormously betrayed when people make stuff like this up and perpetuate it to the extent that it hurts other (living) people, because besides the general selfish asshole-ness of the situation if there is any truth to be found in anything currently classed as “supernatural” they’re not helping us validate it.


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