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Adorable Bento Eggs

July 31, 2016

Finally… an invention for all the mom’s out there who struggle to get protein into their offspring that isn’t in the form of a chicken nugget!

It’s true… some children just don’t like eggs and if that’s the case… you’re out of luck here, but for the ones who will eat eggs, and need a bit of encouragement, like my little one… these things are amazing.

I recently purchased a pile of super cute bento stuff from ebay for three reasons, the first is to encourage my daughter to eat a wider variety of foods by making them more visually appealing to her, the second is because bento is sort of wonderful and I just wanted to try it out, the third is, well…. the price was right.

One of the things I purchased, for £2.99 with free shipping was a set of 6 egg molds.

bento eggs1

I’ve been playing with these things for a few days now and to be perfectly  honest, roughly 1 in every 2 eggs is a success for me. (lots of egg salad) My daughter is pretty crazy about them though so I’m still making an effort to improve.

I’ve been trying to increase my rate of success by starting the eggs in cold water and then starting the timer only after the water has come to a boil on its own. this helps to center the yolks and a centered yolk is pretty essential for a beautifully molded egg.

I’ve also been experimenting with different egg sizes as you do want them on the bigger side. The first ones I used were medium and the eggs fit in the molds too easily, therefore they barely took on any of the impressions. The next eggs I tried were EXTRA large, and they were just too big. The third type I’ve been working with are large, and they mostly work well, however there is a pretty big range in the sizes of eggs (UK) that are all allegedly the same size, therefore I think that the key is really a matter of matching the egg to the mold within the spectrum of “large”.

So, to cook the eggs for the bento  molds, put them in the pot of cold water, once it boils, set the timer for 7 mins… this will cook them perfectly but the yolks won’t always center… I’m going to try turning them halfway through as well to see if that helps…. if it does…. I guess I’ll update this space.

bento eggs2

After the timer goes off you put the eggs into some cold water to help separate the membrane and then you peel them while they’re still warm. Then put an egg into the mold and gently shut it. The eggs have to be large enough to overfill the mold slightly… Ideally you actually want a tiny bit to squash out the sides.

bento eggs3

Next, put the closed, egg filled molds into the fridge for half an hour and when you open them up… POOF… awesomeness. A little edge trimming will usually be required to get rid of the squished out bits. Have to admit, I’m a bit lazy with the trimming… Plus it’s kind of difficult with a four year old excitedly demanding the fruits of my labor.

If I ever work out how to make them as pristine as I’ve seen them in other people’s photos… I’ll share how I managed it… but all I can think of is that they probably go through dozens to get those picture perfect eggs. Or there’s just a lot of digital editing involved.

Bottom line is… My daughter loves to eat them, they’re fun to make,  they are actually quite adorable, the molds didn’t break the bank and I think they’re rather fabulous! :)

Best 2.99 I’ve spent in a while.

bento eggs4

bento eggs

bento eggs5

bento eggs6

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