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Painting Tree Silhouettes – Video

June 13, 2016

Over the years I’ve published several meticulously written and heavily photographed craft related tutorials, but today I published my first ever video tutorial and it’s about creating tree silhouette paintings.

A while back one of my cousins suggested that I film a video painting tutorial and my gut reaction to the suggestion was that it was absurd…. I could not possibly make a video tutorial because then I would have to hear myself speak and I hate the sound of my own voice from the perspective of it being outside of my head.

I had access to all of the materials I would need to make the video, including more than adequate filming equipment, but the thing holding me back was the speaking part, and recently I decided that I was actually the one who was being absurd.

So I decided to exit my comfort zone by taking on the challenge of trying something new and I drafted up what I hoped to accomplish. With one child down with the chicken pox and a 3 month old baby requiring all sorts of baby attention, it took me a few weeks to get to the stage where I could move from planning to painting and filming.

After 1 weekend of filming in 10 minute bursts, with the awesome support of my husband I was able to create my tutorial in three parts.

I learned a lot by working through this project, but I’m not sure if I am likely to do another. I’ll have to see if the tutorial generates much traffic… but I figure, if my videos of parasitic wasp larvae crawling out of caterpillars can get a hundreds of hits than so can these.

Considering this is my first ever video tutorial, I am pretty happy with it. There are some rough edges that could use some smoothing out and my vocabulary has a tendency to take a nose dive when I’m speaking and tripping over my own tongue as opposed to when I’m writing, but these are things that I can live with.

I still don’t like the sound of my own voice very much, especially with all the hayfever I’m currently riddled with….  in fact… hearing it on an audio clip makes me feel slightly nauseated and embarrassed, however I do understand that it’s pretty ridiculous of me to hate something about myself that I’ve got no chance of ever changing.

At the end of the day I just hope that there are some people out there who will learn a thing or two from my effort.


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