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Baby Number Two Is Here

June 2, 2016

Our second beautiful baby girl arrived safe and well almost three months ago.  I can’t believe it has taken me so long to get an opportunity to write an update, but having a newborn, in addition to a small child means that at least one of my hands is always busy with one of them.

**Administered bubba milk**

On the rare occasion that I have my hands to myself and I’m not an exhausted, useless lump, I’m engaging in a depressingly futile activity like tidying mess, attempting to cook something that doesn’t come from the freezer, or something that does come from the freezer, spending time with my husband, trying to crochet, make anything for my store, complete an order for my store, bathe myself or feed myself.

** Had to de-butter oldest daughter who has painted herself with toast**

Just trying to keep the house manageably tidy is all of a sudden twice as challenging as it used to be, but it’s all good. We live in clutter but not filth… and that distinction is extremely important to me. They also both sleep through the night and love their beds, so we’re extremely lucky that way!

** Baby is being suspiciously quiet… poop is suspected… false alarm**

Anyhoo… in those rare times that I do have spare moments for myself…

**Baby did however pee and has just now demanded to be changed. Thought I had a few minutes, I was mistaken**

I have a lot of projects in development, including my first video tutorial and I’ve been making slow progress in teaching myself a new crochet technique.

**Baby is now demanding more attention… possibly needs a burp worked loose**

Leaving the house is such a stressful fiasco that I avoid it, and feel like a prisoner most of the time… Now my oldest has the chicken pox so I won’t even be able to leave the house to bring her to and from nursery every day for at least 10 days…

I feel more and more like I’ve lost my identity and I just don’t exist out of these walls because I can’t even reach out to the world through my computer anymore as I so rarely have hands to type, or a brain that isn’t completely burnt out with stress and anxiety.

**oldest now needs cuddles because she’s feeling sick and sorry for herself with the pox…**

Hoping that I’m able to keep the baby from contracting what her sister has… but I don’t know how I can because it’s just me most of the time and I don’t have enough hands.

Well…that was a disappointing exercise… I had intended to write a lot more but …. I can’t even think anymore… I give up… keep telling myself, it will get better.


** – every time I had to physically leave my laptop to deal with children while trying to write this very short update.

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