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Giant Beefy Pie Sandwich

February 6, 2016

I am not sure if there are many other people I know who go from viewing an awesome food video/recipe on facebook to actually trying it, but I find myself doing this rather frequently.

Today my husband and I made this giant beefy pie sandwich thing based on THIS video.

We opted to change a few ingredients to suit our own taste but the construction is basically the same. I’m sure that the ingredients in the video would also be wonderful but unfortunately my husband is a WEE bit picky about mushrooms and leafy greens.

I can confirm that it is as simple to make as it looks in the video and it comes out absolutely delicious.. I’d say that it can easily feed between 4 and 6 adults depending on the size of bread you use.

Below I’ve included a bunch of photos and our modified list of ingredients. 


So as I stated above, no mushrooms or spinach were used. Instead we added in some thinly sliced beef tomato and we also changed the cheeses from cheddar and swiss to stilton and buffalo mozzarella.


1 round bread

Plenty of butter

Steaks (rump steak and frying steak is what we had to hand)

Caramelized onions


Buffalo mozzarella

Bacon fried to nearly burned perfection

1 Beef tomato

The assembly of the mega sandwich pie went much the way it did in the video.


Hollow the bread




Beef tomato


Stilton sliced 1/4 inch


Red and white onions caramelized with butter and a couple shots of sherry…. generously seasoned with fine black pepper. 


Frying steak …. because it’s what we had in the freezer. 


(steak juice) 


Bacon chopped and fried very crispy


Buffalo mozzarella 


Lid on


Wrapped and weighted in the fridge for 5 hours. (Try to leave it overnight if at all possible… it’s worth the wait)


Baked in the oven (still in the foil) at 120c for 20 minutes as per the video instructions… this just warms the bread, it doesn’t cook or heat the inside … but a nice cool sandwich temp enhances all of the wonderful flavors, so it’s all good. 

If you wanted a warmer sandwich, you could leave it in there for longer, just be careful not to burn your bread and be aware that if you like your beef rare you might be undoing that rareness by heating it up too much. 


So, I’m really happy with how this came out and I think that the same basic method could be applied to a very long list of ingredients which we’ll probably continue experimenting with based on the success we had today.

The leftovers stored great in the fridge all wrapped up and it tasted even better on the second day.

If you are the sort of person who sees these creative easy recipe things constantly on social media, sharing and saving but never trying … I’d highly recommend that you MAKE the time some weekend, pick a thing and go for it.

Just learning a new method for cooking or preparing something can open so many doors in your culinary future!


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