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Chocolate and Peanutbutter Covered Bacon Topped Double Stuff Oreos

January 28, 2016

Soooo about 2 weeks ago I was feeling nostalgic about chocolate covered oreos, and this happened today because I needed it to, and in all honesty it’s quite possibly my greatest bacon creation to date.

I apologize in advance that the photographs aren’t up to my normal standard. I had to take them with my phone as the good camera was out of charge and I wasn’t willing to wait… I’ll definitely make this again and will probably update the photos at that time. 

It was actually a blog post I read about a week and a half ago that got me feeling nostalgic for chocolate covered Oreos. Then I got curious about how much it would cost me to get my hands on a chocolate covered Oreo mold. To to my absolute horror and disgust they were looking pretty extortionate on UK’s amazon… luckily I found a more reasonably priced one on eBay and (POOF) it arrived in the mail yesterday.

On hand I happened to have some chocolate melts and some peanutbutter melts leftover from a candy making activity with my daughter, as well as a pack of double stuffed Oreos that had I discovered hidden in the pantry, which were amazingly still in date.

I used what I had to make some chocolate and peanutbutter covered Oreos and they were just outstanding… Then I don’t know if it was the pregnancy talking or just a stroke of genius but I decided that they would have been even better with BACON! … which is what led me to today’s most successful kitchen adventure.

Below I have detailed the simple process I used to bring my calorific creation to life.



1 chocolate covered oreo mold

Chocolate candy melts or chips

Peanutbutter candy melts or chips

1 pack of unsmoked streaky bacon

First melt down your candy according to the instructions. I used Wilton brand candy melts that I purchased at Hobbycraft. They were a little pricey, but they use really decent quality chocolate which, in my experience is pretty rare when it comes to candy melts.


Next put about a teaspoon of chocolate into the bottom of each mold (which will be the tops of the finished candies) and tap the whole thing on the counter until the chocolate blobs spread evenly to coat the whole base.

Note: These molds are really for standard sized Oreos but I prefer the ratio of cookie to chocolate using doublestuffs.


Then, carefully center a cookie in each mold. It’s important to get them in the middle as there is only a very narrow bit around the edge for the chocolate to surround the cookie.


After the cookies are in position, top them off with melted peanutbutter melts or more chocolate melts if you’re not a peanutbutter fan (like my husband) and tap the mold until the chocolate/peanutbutter settles down the sides. You’ll be able to see any airbubbles down the sides and will be able to rectify them with a toothpick if you work quickly before the chocolate sets.

After this layer I put more chocolate on the bottoms of the peanutbutter ones.


Don’t worry about over-spill… it pops right off when they come out of the mold… just focus on poking and tapping out all of the air bubbles and put the whole thing in the fridge to set for about 10 minutes.


Next chop up the bacon and fry it off right up until the point that it’s almost burnt and the fat is mostly gone. Scatter the bacon across a couple of paper towels and try to blot off any remaining grease.

Once that is finished your candies are probably ready to gently pop out of the molds.

Then just melt a little more chocolate and dip the chocolate covered Oreo top in the melted chocolate to create something for the bacon to stick to.

Finally, generously apply the bacon with great enthusiasm in anticipation of the wonderful morsel you’re about to consume.


Then, if you can stand to wait a little longer, chill them for another 10 minutes or more and proceed to devour them at your leisure… most importantly…. REGRET NOTHING. :)




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