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A Letter To My Daughter

January 25, 2016

My Dear Sweet Girl,

The day you came into this world my life changed in so many ways and all of them were good.

At the time of writing these words I am roughly 34 weeks pregnant, and you will soon be a big sister.

When I was almost exactly your age my mother was also roughly 34 weeks along with my half sister.

This parallel has had me thinking about her, and about myself at your age a lot. There are plenty of complicated circumstances and reasons why we grew up separately, which I’ll tell you all about one day if you want to know, but the point I want to get across in mentioning my biological half sister is that she and I were not raised as sisters and I’ve mourned the loss of our relationship, which never even got to be a relationship my whole life… well at least my whole life since she was born.

Having said that, I’ve had the opportunity to be a big sister many times over since then with the way my family structure turned out and I love your auntie Kate just as if she were my own baby sister.

I have every confidence that you are going to be an amazing big sister. You have no idea how often I find myself with tears in my eyes  for no other reason than my awe of you. You make me so proud every day in everything that you do. You are so bright, confident, polite, and thoughtful, and your cuddles are like magic. I treasure every moment spent at your side as you learn and grow and blossom into your own one of a kind individual self.

I am enormously looking forward to the day (very soon) when I get to introduce you to the strong little girl who is trying out her super vigorous kick boxing moves on my intestines right now.

I know that you will love each other, however in my own personal experience as a big sister I also know that being a big sister can be extremely challenging sometimes.

I know that occasionally… or more than occasionally you may to want to scream at her and lock her in a closet, or worse(don’t).

I know that sometimes she might very well feel the exact same way about you… and that’s totally natural… in fact, I would be shocked and a little bit concerned if you didn’t spat, but at the end of the day I hope you will understand that the two of  have a bond with each other, forged in our home with two unique parents who love you both unconditionally that no one else in the whole world has, and I hope that no matter where your life takes you, you never lose sight of any of us.

I want you to know that both you and your sister are children conceived and born out of the love that your father and I share. We aren’t perfect people, but we are perfect for each other, and our whole world revolves around this family that we have created.

Please always keep our example in mind throughout your life when you are choosing the people that you want to share it with.

No one on this earth is entitled to your love or your time, however I do hope with all of my heart that you and your sister will both carry the values shared in our home forward into your own happy futures and that you will always be good friends with one another.

Love you so very much,


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