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Toddler Sing And Play 1, 2 and 3

November 25, 2015

Apps geared toward  young children aren’t difficult to find, however in my personal experience GOOD ones are pretty damn elusive.

Today I downloaded the third installment of an app that has once again exceeded my expectations, and I wanted to share what I love about these apps because I rely quite heavily on product reviews myself when making purchases.

My daughter has been using Toddler Sing And Play 1 & 2 for over a year now and at three and a half she still loves them as much today as she did when I initially downloaded them.

One thing that I really want to say about the Toddler Sing And Play apps before I list the reasons why I find them to be superior to any other kiddie apps I’ve tried is that a couple of bucks is NOT expensive for a good app. Let’s be honest, that’s the equivalent of a cup of coffee you’re going to pee out in an hour.

So having said that, here is what I love about these apps as a parent… (in no particular order)

  • Songs are non abrasive and more importantly pleasant to listen to, which is extremely rare in the wide world of nursery rhymes.
  • Apps are occasionally updated and made even BETTER at no additional cost.
  • It is clear that by comparison with any other apps I’ve tried, a great deal of effort went into the artwork, small details and the interactive aspects for each song with obvious consideration being paid to what children enjoy.
  • All games are easy for young children to interact with and all animations run smoothly.
  • No pop ups or banners, even in the non paid version
  • Non paid version allows you to preview the full product adequately before directing you to the option to purchase.
  • The menu is easy to navigate and is also interactive.
  • Parental controls are straight forward for a parent to access but not easy for a child to access by mistake.
  • Each song is captioned with the lyrics which encourages children in their introductory stages of reading.
  • If your child ends up not connecting with the app for whatever reason you have the ability to obtain a refund, just like you have with any app purchase.

So all in all I am extremely happy with these apps. I have paid about $6 in total for the three of them, with each containing 4 different songs and games and I stick by my opinion that that’s a good price.

When I looked at the reviews on the play store for the Toddler Sing And Play apps, I was extremely disappointed by the sheer number of narrow minded people just spouting abrupt, mannerless opinions and criticisms in the form of reviews instead of making any attempt at contacting the developer. The internet is a place where people seem to think that acting like a decent human being no longer applies because they’re not face to face with the PERSON behind the product they’re bad-mouthing.

If someone thinks that they can design something better and offer it for less money after they have put their blood, sweat and tears into designing it, absolutely no one is stopping them, but getting up on a wee invisible soap box, shielded by the anonymity of a computer/tablet/phone screen while suggesting that anyone should not be paid for their hard work is just plain ignorant and rude and it says an awful lot about an individual.

If you are the sort of person who is interested in the PERSON or PEOPLE behind app development then all you need to do is about 20 seconds of reading, in this instance to find out exactly where your money is going and how you’re supporting their education, their family and their talent.

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