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More Keepsake Book Ornaments

October 15, 2015

Last year I started creating miniature keepsake book ornaments. I made them for friends and family as sort of palm sized memorial scrapbooks, dedicated to loved ones who have passed, that could be displayed anywhere.

Hanging from the bottom of the books are charms that relate to the sentiment of the piece as a whole, sort of the same idea as a charm bracelet.

Below I’ve provided some additional explanation and photos of the two ornaments I’ve made dedicated to my grandmothers as well as some photos of the blank books that I’ve got available for sale in my store.

Making the book part is relatively easy for me, though I do prefer to work smaller. The unexpected difficulty came when I tasked myself with filling them. I hadn’t anticipated how emotionally challenging it would be locating photos and then formatting them and cutting them up to put the books together. I hadn’t expected to have to allow myself breaks just to wipe the tears away so that they wouldn’t spill all over my work.

The final results however are deeply satisfying, unique and very special so they really are worth the effort in the end.

After making a few I decided to start selling blank ones through my Etsy store and I was delighted to see how my customers were using them. People were buying them to fill as keepsakes for everything from weddings to graduations. My personal purpose was very specific, and a little sad but the miniature blank books are incredibly versatile.

As a result of all the interest generated last Christmas I decided to create another batch for the upcoming Christmas season this year.

I am very flexible in regard to providing books in a wide range of colors and I have an extensive collection of charms to mix and match, so if you would be interested in something a bit more customized, just contact me.












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