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Custom Stargate Catan Hex

September 27, 2015

Throughout our marriage my husband and I have often explored and taken advantage of how well our hobbies, interests and talents compliment one another.

Whenever we collaborate on something we are always really satisfied with the end result because it comes out so much better than either of us could have achieved on our own.

This stargate tile is the product of our most recent collaboration and we are delighted to add it to our custom Catan board.

Below I have elaborated on how the tile came together as well as how it fits into the game of Catan.

catan stargate1

It all started when he found some stargate hex tiles on thingiverse which were to be used with a fan made stargate scenario however, we weren’t interested in the scenario as much as we were in getting a stargate into our Catan. The tiles that inspired our tile also had the stargate and the DHD on separate pieces and they were huge so his main challenge was to shrink them down and to get them both onto one hex.

It took him a little while, but after he dissected the existing source files downloaded free from thingiverse and stuck them all together the print was achieved in two parts. The first part was the hex, with the stargate and the base of the DHD, the second was the top of the DHD.

After the two pieces were printed he glued them together and handed the hex over to me for painting and embellishments.


The first thing that I had to do was to clean up all of the fly away plastic pieces that were still stuck to the print. I did this with some clippers and diamond files. Next I primed the piece with acrylic paint.

Once the primed layer was dry I added in the base layers of color and allowed them to dry. Next I covered the piece with PVC and gravel. After the gravel was applied I did all of the dry brush highlights on the stargate and the DHD.

Then being completely impatient and not wanting to wait for the glue under the gravel to dry I very very carefully added in all of the fake grass tufts and the bushes.

After forcing myself to wait about a half hour for everything to become semi dry I added in more highlights to the gravel and foliage as well as additional highlights to the stargate and DHD. As a finishing touch I glued a Swarovski crystal to the center of the DHD because, it looks so much more awesome than red paint.

catan stargate2

If you are wondering how the stargate tile fits into Catan, we’ve designed it to replace the desert tile. In the stargate universe it actually makes complete sense for a robber to utilize the stargate so it works perfectly in my head and it looks freaking fantastic. Check out how our little robber with his furry sheep fits right in, in the photo above.

So that’s all for now… We are still working on what to do about customized edges and I’m working on dressing up the trees on the wood tiles a bit more so that they don’t look quite so… painted.

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