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Lammily Period Party

September 24, 2015

I don’t normally publish rants, but right now, I’m sort of feeling the need.

Lately a few things have popped up in my various news feeds about Lammily the “realistic” Barbie type doll and her brand new period party accessory pack. My first thought was… “not a bad idea, why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner”, and then as my eyes found the comments sections of these articles I was semi expecting more people to be like minded.

What I found instead was a great deal of disgust and mostly anything that was thinly veiled as positive was actually a back handed generalized shot at other people’s parenting. Ex: “That’s great, but you should be able to talk to your kids.”

In response to all of those ignorant, opinionated individuals who are first of all disgusted by this idea.

Keep it to yourselves. Perhaps, before you flood the internet with your narrow mindedness you should sit and think long and hard about exactly what you’re disgusted by. There is nothing shameful or dirty about bleeding. It’s a fact of life for most women and really we, as women should absolutely not have to try to pretend it doesn’t happen for anyone, especially in this day and age.

Now for all of the people who want to take shots at other people’s parenting while sitting on some sort of invisible, gilded pedestal of superiority.

Knock it off… Seriously.

Children absorb information in different ways. It’s up to the parent to decide how best to communicate with their child about what’s happening to their bodies when puberty sets in and sometimes that’s as challenging for a child to hear as it is for some parents to talk about.

Parents in particular, having the experience of caring for a child through the duration of their growing up, should be able to understand that everyone takes in, and processes information in their own way and this accessory pack consisting of doll panties, “pad” stickers, a helpful calendar and an educational book is just one of many completely harmless tools that are now available for talking to kids about periods. It’s not for every girl but I for one, am glad that it exists because for some girls this sort of learning will suit them perfectly.

Role play is a perfectly normal way for children to become familiar with the world around them, and that is what this accessory pack facilitates. The book that comes with it is educational, containing facts that maybe the girls in question are too embarrassed to hear explained to them face to face.

When I got my period I was 2 weeks shy of my 13th birthday and I was prepared for it, mostly because I was very curious and I asked a lot of questions well in advance, but plenty of girls I knew weren’t prepared at all.

I knew girls who got their first period so early that their parent’s hadn’t even thought about having the talk with them yet. One even started planning her own funeral because she was so shocked and unprepared. I knew others who were given the talk but were so embarrassed by it that they absorbed absolutely none of the information so when it finally happened they were still in the dark.  One of my friends once told me she’d never use tampons because she wasn’t putting anything up her butt. That’s right folks, the poor kid had no idea about her own anatomy, not because her mother didn’t educate her, or because she was unintelligent, but because she was too embarrassed to learn about her own body. (Never fear, 10 year old me filled her in on the basics)

As a mother I will always be totally open and honest with my children about all aspects of the human experience, including everything that goes with the initial onset of puberty but I also accept that children are unique little individual people and it’s totally possible that my plans for explaining the world won’t exactly mesh with their ways of learning so I’m prepared to be flexible and I’ll cross those bridges when I come to them without pretending that I know any better for anyone else’s child.

So after all knee jerk, judgmental reactions are softened by a bit of time from the initial response to this one single product, I hope that more people will find it within themselves to shift their perspective and begin to see it more clearly for what it is: an educational toy for children. I also hope that the idea will be expanded upon in various other positive ways by numerous manufacturers because it’s stuff like this that’s helping to knock back stigma, promoting healthier, better informed future generations.

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