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My Hair Is Gone… Again

September 20, 2015

On Easter Sunday 2014 I had 16 inches of my hair cut off to donate to The Little Princess Trust, a charity who makes and distributes wigs to children who have lost their hair due to illness.

My hair has been growing out ever since and frankly, the longer it got, the more I wanted to chop it off again because it’s heavy and in the way all the time.

The short and sweet story of last night is that I decided to finally cut it off at about 9PM so I put it in a ponytail, gave my husband the scissors and POOF… 11 inches bagged up and ready to ship off to the Little Princess Trust. (insert pink glittery candy filled explosions of delight and happiness here)

The longer story is as follows….

The nesting urges kicked in way too early this pregnancy and I’ve been slowed down by a really awful, mucus filled cold that has also triggered my extremely weakened gag reflex every damn day the past 2 weeks which has sort of massively sucked.

I want our home baby ready now now now now now, even though the baby isn’t due for another 24 weeks, but scheduled things need to happen before we can clear the spare room. I KNOW that I’m blowing things up in my mind disproportionately because of these super not fun baby hormones, however the frustration is real and it is present and it is in the forefront of my mind all the freaking time while I’m powerless to move forward on completely gutting my house.

Also my boobs hurt, I keep getting covered in deep, painful stress acne, my tension headaches are out of control and I’m sofa obsessed because with our little 2 seater the three of us are literally on top of each other all the time and everyone gets tangled in my hair.

So last night I was crawling the walls (leaving slimy booger trails everywhere like a crazed human slug hybrid… in my imagination) and I decided to change something that I actually had the power to change NOW, so I asked my husband to cut my hair.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while and knew that I needed at least 7 inches off if I wanted to donate, so I went with 8 and by the time he was finished… that unfortunately turned into 11. Whoops!

I didn’t cry.

It’s fine… it’s shorter than it was last time but it will grow back and it’s fine.

My daughter hasn’t even noticed.

Anyhoo… I haven’t done any fundraising this time around but I will use the end of this blog post to promote The Hunger Site which is a website where (among other things) you can donate food to needy people every day at no cost to yourself just by clicking a link. It’s actually legit and pretty damn awesome. I’ve had it set as one of my homepages for years so that I’m reminded every day when I open my browser to donate… it costs absolutely nothing except 5 seconds of your time.

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