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Catan Custom Trophies And Robber

September 15, 2015

My husband printed the Largest Army and Longest Road trophies months ago to go with the rest of our 3D printed Catan set. Then recently he found this delightful Robber on thingiverse, which finally inspired me to getting around to the painting  of all three last night.

Below I have provided some photos of the finished pieces as well as the links to the source files. 

If you’re interested in my other Catan pieces you can find the blog I wrote about my custom hex tiles HERE and the blog I wrote about the settlements, cities and roads HERE.

The first photo below is of the completed longest road trophy. I painted it with acrylics and then flocked it for grassy texture and added in some model bushes over the tops of the printed bushes. For both of the trophies I used a lot of metallic gold and copper to highlight the “trophiness” in a sort of homage to the sunset color scheme of the original box design.


It really frustrates me when I see beautiful models created on thingiverse which take hours to physically print and I have no idea how long to actually design, and then in all the photos of “makes”  no one has even attempted to give them the paint jobs that they deserve.

A 3D printer is an amazing, versatile tool and some are far better calibrated than others but ours is pretty bottom of the line to be honest, and the prints still come out fairly decently. Making a print is awesome, and I get that just the printing part is enough for a lot of people but taking it to the next level is soooo much more rewarding.


Next we have the largest army. I found that trying to add in the tiny details of the armor just flattened and cheapened the effect of the piece so I painted them solid gold and highlighted them in copper as if they’re statues standing in the sunshine. At first I was going to make them silver but the silver paint just didn’t pop at all.

To finish off the trophy I flocked the grass. I just can’t resist adding different textures into my miniatures, I think it makes them a lot more interesting to look at.


Lastly we have the delightful robber who I absolutely adore. It was created by the designer by cutting together two source files for other models and it really works in the spirit of Catan.

He is also painted with acrylics. The base and the sheep are both finished off with flocking powder. I gave the sheep a double layer to make sure he was extra poofy.


Those are all the new pieces for now. The next thing that I have to work on is a border solution as our printer bed is fairly small. In a perfect world we could just build a Catan table which would also store all of the custom pieces but with a small child and another on the way, that probably isn’t the best idea at the moment. :)

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