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Never Forgotten

August 31, 2015

I’m not terribly shy about talking about things that I enjoy superficially, but I rarely go into specifics conversationally when it comes to my personal preferences regarding reading, music, art or various forms of visual entertainment.

There are a lot of reasons why I don’t bother and even deliberately avoid these topics with others, especially people that I don’t know very well, however it mostly comes down to the simple fact that I find it somewhat stressful.

The straight up, honest truth is that I so rarely actually connect with people on the same topics that it has become easier to just avoid them so that I don’t have to process the frustration.

At any rate I’m posting today to say that this morning I learned that my favorite author, Tanith Lee passed away in May this year and I’m so, so sad.

I discovered Tanith Lee when I was 12 years old. My mother got me a couple of her books from one of those buy one book get four free style book clubs. I still have both of them and I can’t wait for the day when I can read The Black Unicorn to my children…. followed by The Red Unicorn and The Gold Unicorn. The atmosphere that she creates in each of her tales resonates with me in a way that I’ve yet to experience in any other written works. I have read and re-read more of her books and short stories than I have of any other single author and there are still so many that I have to look forward to discovering for the first time.

The knowledge of her passing made me simultaneously tearful and infuriated.

I am upset because I love her work and she was taken from the world far too soon. I’m furious because she died in MAY and I knew nothing about it. I live in the UK, she was an incredibly well established and prolific British author and I didn’t see anything about her death until today when I googled her name (as I do from time to time) and found her obituary.

I take comfort in knowing that she has immortalized herself in hundreds of short stories and novels, and that a good portion of those writings have become digitally available for very reasonable prices in recent months. I hope that partially due to the accessibility of these works her fan base will continue to grow and grow.

If you enjoy dark fantasy and would like a light reading recommendation then I strongly suggest you check out Red As Blood. A wonderful collection of twisted, rewritten, well known fairy tales filled with (mostly) strong, willful female characters set in different time periods ranging from BC to the far future.  It remains my favorite book to this day, and the single serve short stories fit into any busy schedule.

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