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Learning Crochet

May 21, 2015

Earlier this year I decided it was time that I learned how to crochet.

I’ve always been really eclectic in my artwork and crafting but shied away from crafts involving yarn because regardless of my attempts to learn, I could never wrap my head around the basics.

I chose crochet over knitting as an introduction because there is a history of crochet in my family. I remember my great grandmother making me crochet toys when I was little and that was the spark, all those years ago that caught my attention. 

Usually, I can teach myself just about anything using the internet ranging from how to cook a whole goose to digital painting, but much to my frustration my usual methods just didn’t work for crochet. That is why I went looking for a class. I thought that if I could get an actual human to physically show me what to do I would stand a chance.

So I found someone local to me who was offering a four class (once a week) introductory course in April and I got signed up. Then the day before my first class I panicked that I would embarrass myself with my lack of understanding regarding basic terminology and found myself on youtube.

Two hours later, I had a pretty firm understanding of what I was doing from a very basic standpoint as well as a handy dandy phone sock.


I do my best work under pressure and evidently, I find the means to understand things that have eluded me for years when faced with the totally irrational fear of looking like I don’t know what I am doing before I start a class, specifically designed for people who DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

Anyway, teaching myself roughly how to hold the hook and the yarn in a way that was comfortable for me was very helpful in beginning the first exercise that was assigned to us for practicing stitches.

My instructor was very experienced and patient, but didn’t actually teach me much more than stitches and how to read a pattern. I figured out how to make things using those stitches mostly on my own, but I still think that the classes were absolutely worth every penny because having the security of an instructor gave me the confidence to branch out and expand on the knowledge that I had acquired.

We were supposed to make 1 square from the pattern that she provided but I was paranoid that I would forget what I was doing by the next class so I made 5 stitch practice squares, another phone sock, a hat, some fingerless gloves for my daughter and something that was supposed to be a phone sock but got screwed up, which my husband affectionately now refers to as a “scrotum cozy”




I was also having a lot of trouble keeping my rows even so I made myself some stitch markers which were substantially less cumbersome than the safety pins we were originally given to use.

They were a big hit in my class and have been so helpful to me in my crochet that I’ve also made some additional ones for sale in my Etsy shop.


No one else in the class even completed 1 of the stitch practice assignments in a week so I felt like a bit of a show off when I turned up with my sack of completed work, but I figured that I was paying £10 each class out of my own “stay at home mom” pocket with the intention of mastering a new skill and I was going to make the most of it for myself.

The second class was about applying the previous weeks knowledge to making granny squares. I was really excited about this one because my primary aspiration for learning crochet was being able to make a blanket.


The two squares above were my first attempts. Once I felt comfortable with the method I went to the store to purchase yarn specifically for creating a blanket and I made 16 squares with it.

The assignment was to make a few squares so that we could learn how to join them together in the 3rd class. So once again, after 18 squares, I exceeded the expectations of the assignment.


In the third class we learned how to join all of the squares together neatly and two days later, I had my blanket! It’s really just a lap blanket but I’m really happy with it and my baby girl loves to cuddle with it on the sofa. I put a border around the entire edge of the blanket and then had 5 more days to kill until the last class. So I made a mini dolly afgan for my daughter, an owl granny square that I will expand on at some point, two more hats, a hexagon and an (accidental) octagon.





I had it in my mind that the last class was going to be about putting a scalloped edge on the blanket but when I got there I discovered that we were going to make a hat.

So I started the hat and when I was about 8 rows in while everyone else was stuck on the second I had to say that I’d already made three hats on my own which was sort of embarrassing… Then the instructor tried challenging me with a shell stitch fingerless glove pattern which ended up not being very challenging at all with all the practice I’d inflicted on myself, but it is a nice pattern.

After I got home I finished the hat and the glove that I had started in class and went out to purchase finer yarn to make nicer gloves… then I made a pair…. then I revised the pattern to make a matching mini pair for my daughter…. then I made her some slippers… And finally I decided I was ready to try something else I’d been interested in attempting, amigurumi! (crochet dolls)




So within a month starting at absolute zero I made everything I’ve already mentioned, plus a dragon!




Since my first month of crochet has concluded I’ve been mostly working on dolls. I modified the dragon pattern to make a Princess Tiana for my daughter and I made her a Princess Merida as well. Merida has almost a whole ball of yarn in her hair… there must be about 200 individual curls… I got a little carried away, but she is super cuddly.

I also made another dragon, a Cthulhu and a little fairy. Cthulhu is available for purchase but the rest are keepers or gifts. Next I’d like to start another blanket and some more phone socks…. More disney princesses will also be making an appearance in the collection very soon!







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  1. Cheryl permalink

    I knew you would be able to pick up crochet easily. I look forward to seeing more creations. :)

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