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Catan 3D Printed Settlements, Cities & Roads

February 26, 2015

A few weeks ago I posted about my 3D printed custom painted Settlers of Catan game board and at that time I figured that I’d take a good long break from it to work on other projects before I tackled the customized settlements, cities and roads but it didn’t work out that way.

Instead I jumped straight into the next stage of the big picture and yesterday I finally finished all of the tiny game pieces.

I seem to have totally killed my hands and wrists in the process too…

Below I have included some photos of the new pieces on and off the game board and I’ve included a brief write-up of the process.


I found these pieces on Thingiverse. They were uploaded by a man who designed a 3D Blizzard Catan board with Starcraft/Warcraft figures. He made a blog all about it which you can find HERE.

I only used the “human” pieces from his set. There was a great deal of tiny detail and work and love that went into these pieces which didn’t translate 100% coming out of our clumsy printer and I want to say up front that I didn’t do them justice, but I am still really glad to have found them because they turned out well enough to suit my board.

Getting all of the pieces printed was pretty tedious because there are so many of them and the printer kept jamming up, but eventually I had a full set.

There is a function on the printer by which you can significantly reduce all of the cobwebs or prevent them entirely but it tends to make our printer jam so these little guys emerged with all the cobwebs. They looked like furry, tiny, misshapen purple plastic lumps and cleaning off all of the plastic cobwebs is what killed my wrists. There were little men on the roads too but they came out looking nothing the way they were meant to so I had to just snip them off.


I primed all of the pieces in grey and then I highlighted with shades of grey and black, adding in doors and windows. Finally I highlighted all of the rooftops and cobbled roads with metallic shades to  indicate each player group. You’ll probably also notice that I deviated from the traditional Catan 4 player colors but to be honest I’ve never understood them… the red and orange are so annoyingly similar but I feel that the four colors I’ve used stand out pretty well from one another.

After the painting was finished I added the grass with some green nail flock and PVA so they are slightly furry and coordinate with the terrain tiles.

I really like incorporating as many different textures as I can in my miniatures as it adds more facets to the illusion.





Next I am going to work on a storage solution for the terrain tiles and then I would like to think about the border hex pieces.

I probably would have written more here but I’ve got Mommy things to do involving poop that is not my own, and typing for more than 30 seconds makes my left hand go numb so I feel that I should probably give my wrists a break before my fingers shrivel up and fall off… which is a real thing that could happen… in my imagination.




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