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Christmas Ornament Makeover

December 8, 2014

When I was growing up I had an aunt who was extremely crafty.

She would accumulate a lot (a LOT) of random bits of clearance crafty things and periodically she’d have a clear out and give me a big box of randomness including repurposed things, new things and even half made things. She encouraged me to use my imagination to make something new out of it all and I know that she really enjoyed seeing what I came up with.

This is the woman who introduced me to sewing, fabric painting, doll making, jewelry making, Christmas ornament crafts, cookie painting and a plethora of other hands on activities.

I think that this encouragement and freedom of completely odd materials played a big part in my development as a person with an equal love and compulsion to make things. It gave me so many opportunities to experiment with different materials and helped to shape the way that I look at objects and see them both as they are and what potential the individual parts have to become something else.

She passed away when I was a teenager, but sometimes when I pick something up and I have that moment of inspiration to take it apart and turn it into something new, I wish that I could show her what those seeds she planted have grown into, and what I’m capable of today.  I wish that I could thank her, sincerely for taking that interest in me.


The other day I had one of those moments where I saw an ornament in Tesco for £1, then simultaneously fell in love with it as it was, but also wanted to give it a makeover to transform it into something completely unique. The photographs below don’t really do the finished product justice, but I thought I would show it off here anyway. Just try to imagine the snow looking fluffier, more carefully placed and less cut apart by the flash on the camera.

The first thing that I noticed about the ornament when I spotted it in the store was the adorable little hedgehog. The next thing I noticed was how crowded it looked with the squirrel sandwiched between the hedgehog and the tree, so I picked it up and briefly assessed how easy it would be to remove the squirrel.


It was just held together with some hasty hot glue so dismantling it wasn’t going to be a problem and the super low price tag meant that even if I accidentally destroyed it, it wouldn’t be a huge financial loss so I decided to bring it home.

When I finally got a chance to do something with it (about a week later)  I took it to bits and then applied some gravel to the base. Next I stuck in some fake bushes and cut up a tuft of felting wool to use as fake snow. I glued everything in place, replaced the ugly red ribbon and embellished the tree with some handy stick on, clear rhinestones. If I could have located my white glitter there would have been more sparkles but the glittering will need to wait because I did a silly thing and put stuff away. I should really know better than to ever put anything away.


So here is my little festive hedgehog and I’m really happy with the ornament as a whole. It just doesn’t get any better than handmade at Christmas time :)


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