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My Last Ever Craft Fair + Want To Win Some Free Stuff?

December 1, 2014

Over the years I’ve participated in a lot of craft fairs and it’s safe to say that the one I did yesterday will be my last.

It’s just not worth the hassle and I’m not willing to dedicate more of myself to something that I don’t really enjoy doing.

Generally speaking the people who shop around at these craft fairs are very polite and complimentary and lovely but it really is a great deal of effort for very little reward. I’m not bitter or anything, I’m honestly just bored. 

Last year I was at the exact same one and my table looked like this:

craft fair 2

This year I put a great deal more effort into packaging and my inventory was much the same, but I took away the filler things that never sell… (paintings mostly) … And my table looked like this:

craft fair

I know the photos aren’t spectacular (we can blame my not so spectacular phone for that) but you can clearly see that I had about 4x more stock out there this time around and believe it or not, I actually sold roughly the same amount in total.

I spent three months obsessing over keeping my stock levels high enough to have a full table and packaging everything attractively and it made precisely not one speck of difference on the same exact customer base. The good news is that having all the extra stock and experimenting with packaging solutions meant that I’ve sold a lot more online and it’s improved the overall appearance of my items so I’m not complaining one bit.

Internet sales have been very good to me. I figure, if people find me via Etsy or Google it’s because they’re LOOKING for what I’m selling and if people see me at a table in a craft fair they might be bemused by the novelty of my jewelry and bookmarks but not enough to part with their money… I run a pretty niche market and I’m good with that because I don’t want to get on the same band wagon as the people selling the same old stuff you see at every craft fair… It’s not that I don’t necessarily like the things they’re selling, it’s just that if I did I’d be fighting for space in an already over saturated market and my imagination demands a great deal more freedom than that.


Since the month of November was so extra specially good to me this year I’m hosting a giveaway on my store’s facebook page. Check it out HERE if you’e like to enter. There is a pair of purple book earrings and a hand painted bookmark up for grabs to one lucky random winner who will be chosen TOMORROW morning!


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