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Busy Is A Good Thing

November 5, 2014

My blog stats have been on a downswing over the last month. I suspect it’s because of one of two reasons…. or possibly a combination of both…

The first reason is because I’m not posting updates as often as I used to therefore the content is not considered “fresh” even though it’s pretty much evergreen and the second is because google might be under the impression I’ve plagiarized some content that I absolutely did write but moved.

I will be the first to admit I don’t understand these things too well.

At any rate, I would like to write more often but all of my free time recently has been dedicated to my store. I’ve got a big craft fair lined up at the end of the month and I’ve had a string of custom orders. (Not complaining) I suspect I’ll have more time to create written content after Christmas.

Some topics I would like to cover include, how attending the same craft fair with minimum prep compares to a great deal of prep the following year, crab rangoon pizza… and probably how to make crab rangoons as well, how to make a bunny puppet, resin casting and developing Thanksgiving traditions just to name a few.

So no shortage of ideas, just a shortage of time, but having said that I have to also include how incredibly rewarding it is and how happy I am being able to stay home with my daughter while making a little money on the side doing something I’m truly passionate about.

My customers make that happen and you guys are awesome. :)



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