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Keepsake Ornaments, Tiny Bottled Treasures And More Hair Accessories

October 15, 2014

Autumn is always my most productive time of the year however, this year I started the season with 3 consecutive colds which totally knocked me on my backside.

I’m feeling much better now and I have been spending a great deal of my spare time focused on a craft fair I have scheduled in November. This preparation has included a lot of packaging solutions as well as a few completely new lines of stock.

Unfortunately all of the making of stuff means that I haven’t had much time at all to write, so hopefully I’ll be doing more writing soon but for now I can showcase some of my new creations here, which are also available in my Etsy store including the promised keepsake ornaments. 

I have also created about 50 new bookmarks and more hand painted bracelets but since those were already existing product lines I’ll just direct any interested parties to my Etsy Store. :)


I’ve only created 4 keepsake ornaments so far to gauge interest in the product. They are completely empty inside (10 pages – 20 front and back)  and fully customizeable right down to the little corked bottle charms dangling from the bottoms. I’m available to do custom orders at the moment but as it gets closer to Christmas I can’t guarantee my availability.


Each book has a series of charms hanging from the bottom which can be added to or completely removed.


I decided to make three of the ornaments very generic so that they can be customized in any creative way the buyer sees fit, however I did make one with a grandmother charm which sort of limits it to a grandmother gift or memorial keepsake.


The next group of things I’ve been working on are tiny bottled critters. They’re sculpted with polymer clay and covered in real wool. So far I’ve made some little fuzzy monsters, sheep and highland cows. They make incredibly unique novelty gifts and come nicely packaged.


I really love these little things and as it turns out I’m not the only one! Each tiny sculpture has its own individual character.


The last group of items I’ve made are small book barrettes. I’ve had the barrettes for a long time but inspiration took a while to hit me. They’re only just over an inch and a half long each but with their very sparkly beads they still make quite a statement. Each is one of a kind and the tiny books are filled with blank pages that can be customized.

barrette1 barrette2

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    Unique…I love them :)

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