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Tempura Fried Steak And Veggies

August 3, 2014

For our last wedding anniversary (March) my husband and I went out for dinner and as a starter I ordered tempura fried vegetables with a ghost chilli mayo dip.

The vegetables included courgettes, carrots, broccoli and mushrooms all batter dipped then fried to perfection and it was pretty FREAKING wonderful.

So the other day I randomly decided to try my first Tempura fry up and since it turned out really well I’ve included the recipe as well as some photos of our delightful artery clogging feast below. 

I followed a recipe for the batter off of BBC’s Good Food website so here it is and it worked really well.

Normally I include all recipe’s with my posts but this one was almost exact from the one I found which would unfortunately make copying it plagiarism.

I didn’t follow the recipe 100% though because I did add in a few cranks from my salt grinder as well as a whole lot of hot paprika to the batter for flavor and coloring.

The recipe does warn about lumps and not over-mixing and it’s tricky getting the batter to become batter quickly enough without turning into dumplings but I managed… there were many lumps but I trusted in the recipe and did not over-mix.


I had defrosted a couple of quick fry steaks that I’d intended to turn into skewers for the grill but the weather outside didn’t cooperate so I sliced them up into thin strips to accompany our  courgettes, onions, mushrooms and green beans.

I filled my wok with oil and fried the veggies in small batches until they were golden on the outside and squishy in the middle  which took about 1.5 – 2 minutes per batch.

It is extremely important that you allow all of the extra batter to drip off of the item before you introduce it into the oil. I found that leaving globby bits on the bumpier things like the mushrooms left gooey batter on the inside and it sort of ruined them.


Properly draining the tempura fried bits and bobs was the most challenging part (with only two hands) because they need to be completely drained or the batter turns into a lovely sponge that absorbs all of the oil of the things put on top of it and that just makes the light crispy awesomeness turn into heavy soggy oiliness. So have a lot of paper towels on hand, work in single batches and don’t be tempted to layer any of the batches until you’re confident you’ve removed as much oil as humanly possible.


I fried the veggies first and the meat second and the amount of batter in the recipe was perfect for what I had to hand. For the vegetables I used a store bought spicy garlic dip and for the beef I used a little bowl of A1 steak sauce.

My favorite pieces were without a doubt the courgettes but everything else came out really well overall too.

This is definitely a once in a great while sort of thing to make but it was a fantastic novelty and I’m glad that I decided to give it a try.


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