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Scottish Owl Centre

July 9, 2014

Last week my husband was off from work and we had ourselves a nice little staycation with our daughter.

One of the events that we planned was going to the Scottish Owl Centre because I’ve wanted to go for years but just never got a chance.

The Scottish Owl Centre is home to over 100 owls from 40 different species from all over the world. They are all either rescued, former pets or were born in captivity.

Below I’ve shared my impression of the experience as well as a PILE of adorable owl photos I was able to capture.

First I’d like to say that the Scottish Owl Centre was nothing like I imagined it would be. I was expecting a few cages and a gift shop but what I discovered was an amazing place to have a full family afternoon.

It is located within Polemmet Country Park  where there are play areas and a cafe and a great deal of open space in addition to various activities so that alone makes it a prime location.

There is a reception area once you exit the car park where you can purchase tickets to go and see the owls. The tickets are valid for the entire day so you are able to come and go as you please which is great since there are 2 flying displays on each day.

Once you enter the owl centre you’re greeted by this giant slide.

owl day3

The thing is an absolute work of art and it’s very stimulating for children to play on featuring a very big long slide (which disturbingly exits out the owl’s butt area) and a fireman pole.

Our 2 year old was very keen to try it out even though it’s probably best suited to larger children but we figured… it’s a tube that ends on a rubber mat… what’s the worst that can happen?

Daddy took her up and she went down all by herself. She shot out like a rocket and was a little shaken at the end but no tears!

owl day7

There is also this cute little crawl through maze for children to work their way through. Our little one had a go in there too.

As you explore the rest of the Owl Centre you see that the owls are sectioned off by size and region of origin. There was a whole section of tiny owls. I couldn’t believe how petite some of them were.

There are picnic tables where we had our packed lunch and the thing that I was most impressed by was the learning activities which were out for children to play with. There were boards with hands on activities and peep holes. There was a great deal of information worded perfectly for young curious minds accompanying the activities and illustrations as well as life cycle charts and cases with owl pellets and eggs. I didn’t take any photos of these because there were a lot of children around and I feel that it’s rude taking photos of other people’s children, never mind positing them on the internet with out the parent’s permission.

We ended our trip by attending one of the flying displays. It was informative and beautiful but I didn’t snap a pile of photos during it either because I didn’t want to distract the owl or disturb the other people around me who were trying to hear the speaker.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and I do believe we’ll be going back many times in the future. Our toddler enjoyed it as well but I’m not convinced she could actually see a lot of the owls. It really is better suited for older children (3+) for their own enjoyment but it’s perfectly fine, accessible and safe for younger children to visit, just don’t expect them to get a ton out of it!

I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is interested in owls. It’s a fantastic staycation or tourist destination!

Below are the photos I did manage to get. I didn’t capture every owl who was out but I did get a fair few :)

owl day2

owl day9

owl day10

owl day11

owl day12


owl day14

owl day15

owl day16

owl day17

owl day18

owl day20

owl day21

owl day23

owl day24

owl day27

owl day28

owl day29

owl day30

owl day31

owl day32

owl day33

owl day34

owl day35

owl day37

owl day38

owl day39

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