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Feeling Sorry For Myself Bacon Butterfinger Bites

June 30, 2014

I’ve been living in the UK for almost 9 years now (September) and without fail within all of those years about a week before every single holiday, I become a weepy basket-case.

For the most part I hide it pretty well but even though I’d like to say it gets easier, the fact is that no mater how happy you are in your life, holidays do not pass with any less heartbreak the longer you are separated from your family.

Frankly… this has been a particularly difficult year and I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself as the forth of July approaches, so I decided to distract myself with some sinfully indulgent chocolates which include bacon and a whole Butterfinger bar.

Below I’ve detailed the process of assembling these positively evil, mouth watering treats.

bacon bites 1


12 rashers of streaky bacon (not smoked)

1 standard sized butterfinger bar

200g milk chocolate

Pinch of salt

bacon bites2

First lay out the bacon on a cutting board and chop it into pieces that are about 1cm long. The cutting will go a lot better if the bacon is very cold or even partially frozen.

bacon bites4

Then plunk it in a pan and fry all of the fat out until you have very dark, almost burned bacon bits. It helps a lot if you drain the fat out as you go. In the US all bacon will be cooperative for this however, in the UK streaky bacon behaves differently and is often incredibly waterlogged so some brands work better for making bacon bits than others. I’ve found that in the UK, Aldi’s bacon is actually the best.

You’re probably going to have some uncooperative bits in the bacon that just want to stay chewy no matter how much you fry them. Don’t risk burning the rest for these pieces, just pick them out after you’ve removed the bacon from the pan.

When you do remove the bacon from the pan, do it into a few layers of paper towel and spread it out so that you can use more paper towel to dab up as much grease as humanly possible.

To make my bits extra fine I also took a meat mallet to them (gently) and after I pounded them into submission I was able to easily remove the non crunchy bits which I immediately consumed because… bacon.

bacon bites3

Next put the Butterfinger in a plastic bag as pictured above and smash it to powder. My meat mallet came in handy here too.

bacon bites5

Once you’ve got the Butterfinger and bacon all ready you can melt the chocolate. I just used a chocolate bar from Aldi (love Aldi btw) but anything with a high milk content (ex: Cadburys) should be delicious (not Hersheys). Of course you could also buy candy melts but they’re more expensive, don’t taste as good and you really don’t need to, so why would you?

Break the chocolate up into cubes, then put them in a microwave safe bowl and nuke them for 30 seconds. Take them out and stir them then nuke for another 15 seconds however many times you need to until they’re MOSTLY all melted. When they’re mostly melted a stir should melt everything together the rest of the way. You don’t want to risk overcooking the chocolate because that will make it grainy, gross and non compliant so the point I’m making about mostly melted is fairly important.

bacon bites6

When the chocolate is melted, add in the Butterfinger and the bacon. I also added in a few cranks from my salt grinder to better balance the sweet and salty since I had underestimated the sugary power of the Butterfinger.

bacon bites7

Spoon into your chocolate mold and then wipe away the excess around the mold to give the impression that you are far more tidy than is humanly possible.

At this stage I was also reminded to return the blue tray that belongs to my in-laws which has been at my house for over a month because I keep forgetting to give it back. (Sorry!)

bacon bites8

Then jiggle the mold to try and release any air bubbles and pop the whole lot in the fridge until they’re good and firm.

When they’re ready, pop them out and devour them at whichever rate is necessary to counteract the feeling sorry for self-ness.

bacon bites9

As you can see, I didn’t get all the air bubbles… but who cares… they’re freaking delicious.

bacon bites10

They’re salty, sweet, crunchy and melty all at the same time. If you’re intimidated by the thought of meat in your chocolate… don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! Also if you’re interested in making Chocolate Covered Bacon I’ve made a tutorial for that too which you can find HERE.

bacon bites11




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  1. I did not just save that recipe. Nope. No I didn….just kidding. These sound devilish alright. They actually sound addictive. I hope you’ve been able to see and hug your peeps seeing as it’s five years later on “that” holiday.

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