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Hair Donation Update

June 12, 2014

It has been a month and a half-ish since my hair was cut off and I thought that I’d give an update here since a lot of people seem to be curious (according to my statistics) about hair donation.

Below I will tell you about my experience using Just Giving for fundraising as well as a detailed account with photos of the whole hair cutting and mailing experience. 



I used the Little Princess Trust as my designated charity. They are based in the UK but accept donations from anywhere in the world. A simple internet search will let you know about which hair donation charities are more local to you. My friend in the US chose Locks Of Love a few years ago and told me that the experience was very positive.

Whichever charity you choose will have instructions in their website on how to package the hair and which hair types and lengths are acceptable for their purposes.

I figured that if I was cutting off my hair I may as well try and raise as much money as I could at the same time so I also set up a Just Giving page for my hair cutting event. This was my first time using Just Giving for charitable fundraising and now that my experience has pretty much concluded I can say quite confidently that I would use them again in a heartbeat.

They made it so easy for my friends and family to donate online in multiple currencies. It didn’t cost me a thing and the page was extremely easy to set up and link directly to the Little Princess Trust so I didn’t have to handle any money at all. They even have a service by which people can make donations via text message which I didn’t actually use but it really doesn’t get any more efficient than that!

The Just Giving page stays open until you close it or until three months after the event has passed. Mine is still open at the moment because donations were still coming in after the hair had been mailed off.


The big chop took place on Easter as scheduled. My mother-in-law generously offered to do the cut for me so that I didn’t have to pay a hair dresser and *BONUS* so that I didn’t have a potential nervous breakdown at the hair dressers.

Saying that I was emotionally attached to my hair is a bit of an understatement but giving myself two weeks to warm up to the idea of cutting it was far too long. A couple of days would have been better because by the end I was just climbing the walls obsessing about getting it over with.

We put my hair into a ponytail where it would be cut right above the elastic and then because of the length of it we put another three elastics in spaced down the ponytail to hold the hair together. I actually anticipated the final cut being shorter than it ended up being but even with the extra length she still managed to chop off a whopping 16.5 inches!

hair bag


We put my ponytail in a ziplock bag and filled in the donation form that I downloaded from the website, then both were popped in an envelope and mailed off the following Tuesday.

About a month later I received an email notifying me that they had received my hair and it included a generic PDF certificate thanking me for the donation. It wasn’t at all necessary for them to send me anything but it was nice to know that my hair got there safe and sound.



My hair hasn’t been this short since I was in single digits and somewhere along the line my straight hair went wavy without me noticing and *fun fact*  now that it’s short it’s downright curly which is really bizarre, but I’m not complaining! :)

So all in all I found this whole experience really rewarding and I don’t actually miss my hair at all.

I dedicated the event to my Grammy who beat breast cancer in 2013. The wig that she had throughout her treatment helped her look like a million bucks despite all of the unfathomable hell her body was going through and I am so happy that I was able to give my hair and raise funds for a wonderful cause that will hopefully help a child maintain their confidence and strength during a very challenging time.


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  1. Thank you :)

  2. You’re a gorgeous lady inside and out! Love your hair, this post and your giving spirit! :0)

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