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Not Enough Hours In The Day

June 2, 2014

I’ve been spending the past few weeks trying to work up the enthusiasm to write a new entry.

It isn’t that I don’t have anything to write about, it’s just that I haven’t really had a chance to sit at my computer for any length of time when I’m in the mood to write… and now that I’m here I feel like I should be cleaning my kitchen instead (HAH also PFFFFFFFT).

So here is a summary of the last 20 days. I hope to actually be able to produce something a bit more focused soon. 

Our Daughter Turned 2!

And My House Is A Giant Crappalanche Of New Toys…


I honestly don’t know where to put my own stuff …Or myself for that matter…  I just have no space to exist anymore… Welcome to parenthood, right?

Some good news is the Raspberry Buttercream Frosting and Handmade Cupcake Pinwheels were a big hit! :)

I even managed to find some proper jimmies at TK Maxx (Exactly the same store as TJ Maxx but in the UK) to add to the cake batter which made the cupcakes funfetti-tastic.

Her second hand eBay dress that I obsessed over finding MONTHS before her birthday was absolutely gorgeous on her but I was disappointed that she adamantly refused wear the awesome matching headband with the party hat and tiara on it.

Possibly too much bling per square inch…. You can see a very clear example of her protest pose (and sparkle jelly shoes!) below.


Got Myself Addicted To Farmville 2 Country Escape

I only started using facebook originally because when home sick from work one day my Auntie got me hooked on the original Farmville.

I loved that game because it was like a dollhouse that was both rewarding to play with and didn’t take up ANY space in my house. My husband even upgraded my computer to better cope with Farmville and I occasionally paid real money for farmcash because I liked the limited edition decorative stuff and animals.

I enjoyed my farm so damn much, but then (evil) Zynga got really greedy and wouldn’t let you progress at all unless you had new friends “helping” you constantly. Even though I did know a handful of people who regularly played they weren’t enough and then each of us started making MULTIPLE extra accounts just to keep up with the “friend” demands.

Well anyway… I had to quit because Zynga got way too demanding and as a result they lost a PAYING customer… go figure.


Then recently, I saw Farmville 2 Country Escape in the Google play store and tried (sort of) to talk myself out of downloading it but I lost the (short) internal debate and downloaded it to my Nexus 7. So now here I am… hopelessly addicted and loving every time wasting moment because I can just space out and enjoy my farm for short periods of time when I need to regroup from all of the demands that the real world fires at me.

I Listed 17 New Items On Etsy, And Ordered New Materials

Over the course of 2 weeks I made 3 new pairs of book earrings, 7 new hairsticks and 7 new bookmarks…. and then I did a little ebay shopping for more materials to reward myself because… I do this for me time and ME time is great.

When you give up working to focus on being 100% mommy and housewife it takes a toll on you as a person in ways you don’t expect.


I am beyond grateful for being able to stay home with my daughter and I love her to death but I still need to feel like I serve a purpose outside of this house, being productive and connected to the rest of the world. I know it’s not the most popular thing to admit to and it’s difficult to describe but I’m pretty sure all women in my position know what I’m talking about to some extent.

Etsy helps to keep me sane and that is why I love it.

I Have Not Mastered The Art Of The Family Selfie


But that’s ok because the bad photos are hilarious and wonderful.

I’ve Started Painting (and trading) Art Trading Cards Again After A 3Year Break

female betta

After our daughter was born I gave up painting for pleasure for a long time and I gave up trading my Art Trading Cards . Now I’m back to it and it’s been really enjoyable but the cards still take me multiple hours to produce individually and it costs a lot to post them out all over the world so I’ve been really picky about what I trade for. I feel a bit bad about it but I’ve been a lot happier with the trades I’ve made as a result, which makes the whole experience a great deal more enjoyable.

I finally put my art card collection in a binder too, and It got me thinking about trading cards. Specifically I wonder how many people who trade art cards ever actually collected trading cards of any variety at any point in their lives.

I’ve personally always loved trading cards. I love the gamble you take when you open a pack, not knowing what’s inside. I love the artwork and I love love love the possibility of getting “special” cards like bumpy ones or foil ones or prism ones and I put that child-like enthusiasm back into the cards that I create.


Almost all of my original, hand painted cards have texture or metallic paint or shimmer paint or rhinestones or glow in the dark elements because those were all the best things about acquiring rare cards when I was a child. The special elements I add in aren’t always obvious in scans but I hope that they’re noticed by the people who receive them.

I started with Garbage Pail Kids and then it was Lion King cards, followed by Pokemon of which I had tons because they went on sale at the dollar store and since I worked full time and absolutely never went out I would easily drop a 20 just for the joy of opening the packs. Then it was Hamtaro because Hamtaro is amazing and finally Garbage Pail Kids again when the second generation ones came out in my early 20’s.

Today the only commercially produced trading cards I have are a bunch of 2nd gen GPK’s that I’m saving for my daughter and a bunch of Jim Carey NHL cards that I keep for nostalgic purposes.

I’ll tell you all about Jim another time but right now, this very moment… the real world is threatening to drop a bomb on me imminently and there are chicken wings that need to come out of the oven.



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