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Giant Meatball Sub Pocket

May 2, 2014

If you have leftover meatballs or just love meatball subs and want to try assembling one inside a sheet of puff pastry you’ve come to the right place.

I make large batches of meatballs in my own homemade sauce often and then I freeze portions for random easy meals. The other day I made a particularly large batch and had some puff pastry in the freezer that needed to be used up so I decided to make a giant, delicious meatball sub.

One sheet of pastry can generously feed 4 adults so there were leftovers, and it probably had a zillion calories in it but it was indeed worth every single damn one.

Below I have outlined the process that I used to assemble the giant sub pocket for anyone who may be interested in trying it out sometime. 


About 7 large meatballs in sauce (preferably very thick sauce)

Any sort of cheese you fancy

1 sheet pan sized sheet of puff pastry

1 egg or some milk to make a wash for the top of the pastry


First roll the pastry out on a sheet of aluminum foil while the pan preheats in a 180c (350f) oven.


Add a layer of cheese to the middle of the pastry (I used slices of edam that I had in the fridge)


Next add the chopped up meatballs and the sauce. Make sure that you’ve left enough pastry to fold over once you’re finished stuffing. It is preferable that the meatballs have had some time in the sauce first and that the sauce is quite thick. If you are interested, my recipe for the meatballs and the sauce can be found HERE.


Then pile on more cheese.


And fold over the edges. Middle first, then crimp up the ends. Gently stab in some steam vents on the top.


Beat an egg and brush it over the pastry parcel (or brush some milk over the pastry) to encourage it to brown in the oven and top with some more cheese to make it look pretty.


Take the hot sheet pan out of the oven and slide the foil with the pastry on top and pop it in the oven for about 20 minutes or until it looks quite browned.


Slice it up and serve.





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