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Homemade Fresh Raspberry Buttercream Frosting

May 1, 2014

Last year for my daughter’s birthday I did Oreo cupcakes so this year I needed to think of something equally delicious.

After going back and forth with ideas for a few days I decided on raspberry. Not raspberry flavor from a bottle, REAL raspberry. The last time I tried to incorporate raspberry into the cake part of a cake it went horribly wrong so that meant, raspberry frosting and last night I great success with my test run.

Below I have outlined the really simple process I used to make absolutely heavenly light and fluffy fresh raspberry buttercream frosting.


(to very GENEROUSLY frost 12 cupcakes)

250g Soft butter

300g Icing sugar

1tsp Vanilla extract

15 large fresh raspberries


The most important thing about making buttercream frosting is that you start with soft butter. You obviously don’t want melted butter but you want it to be nice and soft and roughly room temperature. My first few frosting attempts (about four years ago) were total failures because I was impatient and didn’t let my butter soften on its own.

Note the color of the butter in the photo above (being normal butter colored) because it’s important that you pay attention to the color as you’re whipping it up.



Start the beaters on a low setting and work it up to the highest setting, whipping as much air into the butter as you can. When it’s ready for you to start adding the icing sugar it will be the color of the photo above. Note now that the color is considerably paler. It might take you a good few minutes to get it to this point but the cramp in  your wrist is worth the end result, trust me. DO NOT skimp on the whipping.


Start beating in the icing sugar about a third at a time so that you avoid a sugar explosion (easier said than done) and once you’re about half way through toss in the vanilla extract and continue beating in the sugar until it’s all been thoroughly mixed. Taste it for flavor and flluffiness. If you think it needs more sugar, add in small amounts and taste between each addition until you’re happy.


Lastly toss in the raspberries and beat until it looks like the photo above.


The end result frosting tasted like fluffy, sweet, amazing raspberry flavored whipped cream. I garnished my test cupcakes with white chocolate shavings and leftover raspberries and they were absolutely wonderful.



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