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Stairs For Foam Board Dollhouse

April 22, 2014

The stairs for this project are completely optional but they do look really nice added to the dollhouse.

I wasn’t sure how best to describe the measurements of the stair pieces because some of the pieces are quite oddly shaped and describing oddly shaped pieces of foam board is evidently not a strong point of mine. So I decided that a printable template would be the best way to show someone else how to make their own.

Before I assembled the stairs I traced all of the pieces onto a piece of paper. I scanned them and made the file below that you can right click and save to your computer to print out at home. 





This is the template, right click to save the file to your computer.

The first thing that you need to do is save and print the template above. It’s formatted to fit a sheet of printer paper so be careful that when you select the print option it’s not stretching the image at all. (do not  click the fit picture to frame box) You need to print it exactly as it is.

Next cut out each piece on the outside of the black outline. I know some of the lines aren’t 100% square but you can tidy those up easily enough.

After each template is cut out you can trace them onto the foam board and cut them out. Each piece is labeled with the quantity of each shape you need to cut out.

Make sure you use a REALLY sharp (preferably new) razor for this because with all these little cuts a dull razor will take chunks out of the foam and then your nice clean edges will be pocked and ugly.




I covered the interior of the dollhouse with mullberry paper and that included the stairs. It is a tedious job but they look really nice when they’re completed and the covering also strengthens the pieces. You are welcome to completely skip this step but if you choose to do it the easiest way is to apply the glue (craft PVA) to the piece in a very thin layer and then stick the piece to a piece of paper that is larger than the piece its self.



Once it’s stuck cut it out with a border to cover all of the edges, then glue down all of the edges. After the edges are glued down, do the same to the other side of the piece.



Once all of the pieces are cut out and dry (if covered) you can glue it all together. The best glue for this job is hot glue because it is very strong and sets quickly however you could use craft PVA if you didn’t have hot glue to hand.


First glue the stairs onto the two staircase sections as pictured.



Next glue the staircase sections to the landing and the two spare rectangles will glue onto the landing making a little wall of sorts. It doesn’t actually need to be there for any reason but it looked better with than without so I added the pieces in.



Anyhoo… that’s all there is to it. Once it’s all glued together it’s ready to fit into the hole in the floor that you made in the dollhouse.



There are three points you should glue to make it fit as securely as possible.

1. At the floor hole (top stair edge secures to bottom ceiling)

2. On the wall that divides the two bottom floor rooms

3. Possibly at the bottom (where staircase ends and hits bottom floor) if you can get it in there without getting glue everywhere.


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