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Garlic Beef BBQ Skewers

April 4, 2014

Scotland is miserably rainy and grey most of the time, so on the rare occasion that there is a nice day we usually make an effort to cook our dinner outdoors. We have also been known to fire up the grill in the middle of winter or in the freezing wind and rain as well but it is certainly most pleasant when the weather is cooperative!

A couple of years ago my husband decided that he would go on a marinating binge, throwing everything we had in our kitchen and pantry at random cuts of meat. Some things worked out well and some not so well. In the end the garlic and beef combination was one of the best things to emerge from his experiment.

All you need to make these is a good meat tenderizer and a few simple ingredients that you probably have laying around your kitchen already.

Below I have outlined the process we use to assemble tender garlic beef skewers.


Cheap frying steak

Squirty garlic

Garlic granules

Knorr beef stock pot (jelly)

Garlic infused olive oil


Needle tenderizer



beef skewers1

First prepare the beef. We usually grab some cheap frying steaks from Aldi which work beautifully.

Tenderizing isn’t an exact science. We usually go across with the tenderizer 4 times horizontally and 4 times vertically then flip the steak over and do the same again.

The needle tenderizer is ideal for this because it ensures that any tough bits are at least partially severed which makes the finished meat nice and soft to chew.

When you’re finished the meat will have expanded and it will be extra floppy.

beef skewers2

Next slice the steaks into strips that are about 1-1.5 inches across. The length doesn’t matter except that it shouldn’t exceed the length of your skewers. I try to get mine as long as possible so that I can fit one strip per skewer but I always end up with little bits that either needed to be cut off or weren’t very long to begin with due to the shape of the meat. They get put on their own skewer at the end.

beef skewers3

Now you want to let the meat soak in a garlic bath for a while.

In a nice big bowl combine the strips with a liberal squirt of squirty garlic (see photo) and plop in the jelly stock pot. Toss in about a tablespoon of garlic granules and give a generous drizzle all over with the garlic infused olive oil. (about two tablespoons)

Do not add any additional salt. All the salt that you need is in that stock pot, trust me!

The best tools you have in the kitchen to combine all of the ingredients with the meat are your clean bare hands. If you can’t cope with the smell of garlic on your hands or the feel of raw meat just get yourself some food safe vinyl gloves.

Massage the mixture into the meat strips (cumulatively) and then either cover with plastic wrap (right on top of the meat) or pour into a ziplock bag with the air squeezed out and store in the fridge for at least 4 hours so that the flavors have time to infuse into the steak. The longer you can leave it, the better!

beef skewers4

When you are ready to cook, just skewer the meat (as pictured) and put them on a nice hot grill (preferably charcoal) until they’re cooked through.

If you’re using bamboo skewers you’ll want to give them a good soak in water for at least an hour before you put the meat on so that they’re less likely to catch fire.

The piece of foil at the handle end of the skewers helps to prevent them from burning as well.

Please note, it’s important that you cook this steak all the way through because it has been punctured. To be honest, I think it would probably be almost impossible to make these under-cooked anyway since they’re so thin.

beef skewers5

When they’re ready serve them immediately with a selection of side dishes or on top of a salad.




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