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Decorating A Custom Jewelry Box For A Little Girl

April 3, 2014

For my daughters 2nd birthday I decided it was time for her to have a little jewelry box. Nothing too fancy, just a place for the pretty things that she acquires in her adorable travels, being a little girl.

I expected to have several options available to me when I searched the internet, however to my surprise all I could seem to find marketed for little girls were cheap boxes with poorly painted pop up ballerina’s and fairies inside. Most of them played horrible music as well.

All I wanted was a small box, with a few compartments and a pleasant design on the lid. Since I could not find anything at all like that within a reasonable price range (or even outside of a reasonable price range) I decided that I would just make one.

Below I’ve detailed the steps that I went through to easily pull together my daughter’s first jewelry box.

Once I decided to make my own I just popped into eBay in search of a wooden box. The main thing that I was looking at for the box besides the size of it was that it had a latch and hinges which were SCREWED on. That way I could completely avoid having to paint around the metal.


As you can see from the photo above I easily found a nice small box with a screwed on latch and hinges.


I then penciled on the design which is mostly words. I threw around some other ideas but decided that those could be reserved for future boxes should I decide to make more.


Next, I disassembled the box.


I painted the inside and the outside of the box with purple metallic paint and I did the words with a few layers of grey. I painted on the corners with metallic silver and studded them with glued on violet rhinestones. After all of the paint was dry I painted over the whole thing twice with iridescent sparkle paint for a little extra bling.


The bottom of the box is lined with felt and the dividers are made out of cardboard covered in purple mulberry paper. The dividers fit in quite snugly however, I did also secure them with a bit of craft PVA.


Once all of the paint and glue was dry I screwed the hinges back on and POOF… instant jewelry box!

As you can see from the photo there is space to glue a mirror into the lid or I could have even made my own fairy to fill the space but I think that’s an adventure for another day.

I also bought a little girls charm bracelet which I’ve adjusted to fit her tiny wrist. She’s going to be one very happy birthday bunny :)


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