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Dollhouse Nursery furniture Completed

February 13, 2014

In this entry I’ll be detailing the before and after photos of the nursery furniture. This is the last set of furniture to complete the woodcraft construction kit furniture set.

Once this is publishedI’ve featured 33 of the 35 pieces of furniture.

The two pieces I left out are a superfluous side table and a fairly hideous lawn chair which I thought was an odd thing to include in the set but it doesn’t fit into a room so it didn’t get a write up.

Today I’m expecting the exterior fake stone wallpaper to arrive for the dollhouse so maybe this weekend I can get a move on with that! 

Rocking Horsedolls17

The first thing I’ll get into is the rocking horse. It’s actually a really adorable little piece all on its own and I chose not to do anything to it except for the application of woodstain and glue.

Cradle dolls7

Next, the cradle. I stained it and glued it together then debated painting something on the headboard and foot board like a little teddy face or something. In the end I was undecided so I didn’t paint anything on but I still may.

I made a tiny mattress for the cradle using the same method that I used for all of the mattresses and cushions and then I hand stitched a tiny blanket together.


The rocking chair got the same treatment as all of the chairs. It was stained and glued and then a little cushion was made for the seat. I’d considered leaving it cushion-less but it looked a bit sad so in the end I added the cushion.

I also made the tiny bunny that I put in the cradle so that you could see the blanket. Details on how to make a tiny felted bunny can be found in one of my previous entries HERE.

Rocking Chair dolls16

The twin bed was done up the same way that the master bed was (stained/glued) except the mattress was a bit more challenging because of the fabric I chose to use in the nursery.

Small Bed

If you’re using a fabric with clear stripes you really need to line things up exactly and the poofy-ness of the matress made the stripes go ever so slightly wonky.


Lastly I hand stitched a matching big pillow and a blanket.


The nursery desk is my favorite part of the entire set and these are the pieces that gave me the most trouble as well.

Small Desk And Chair

First I tried filling in the holes on the desktop and sanded it flat. Then I stained all of the pieces including the desk top because I was planning to disguise the discoloration somehow but I didn’t know how at the time. Then I glued the pieces all together.


I started with the chair as I was still debating the desk and made it a little cushion but the cushion didn’t really look right so I pried it off of the chair and added the lace ruffle at the bottom.


Then around the same time I figured out what I was going to do with the big desk I got a great idea for the child’s desk. I covered it in fabric and then painted a piece of cardboard white to make a sheet of paper. Then I snipped the tips off of three toothpicks and painted them to resemble colored pencils. Lastly I drew a “Mommy & me”  picture on the “paper” and glued everything down to the desktop.

The first thing my husband said when I showed him was “where’s Daddy?”.

Sorry Daddy I can only draw SO tiny!!! :)


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