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Dollhouse Master Bedroom Furniture Completed

February 12, 2014

The whole point of writing out these room descriptions is to show how much freedom and room for creativity there is if you buy a cheap plain dollhouse furniture kit like the woodcraft construction kit furniture set I used.

Assembling and embellishing these furniture pieces is a really fun project for children or adults or for children and adults to do together.

I thoroughly enjoyed making up all of the pieces in this set and the master bedroom was particularly engaging. Below I’ve included before and after photos of all the pieces in addition to descriptions of what I did to each piece. 


I’ll start with the piece that I embellished the least and that’s the wardrobe.


The wardrobe was easy enough to assemble but the wood did swell slightly once it was stained which made the reassembly extremely snug and that meant I didn’t actually need to use any glue on it at all. Before I stained it the doors did require a fair bit of sanding to open and close easily.


If I didn’t plan for these pieces to be toys I probably wouldn’t have been too concerned that the doors needed some work to open and close easily but these are toys so I fixed them. I’d also considered making a pole out of a bbq skewer and little coat hangers out of wire but I stopped myself. I can still add them in later if I really want to. Which I sort of do…


I treated the bedside table the same way I treated all of the tables in the set. First I stained the pieces except for the table top, then I glued them all together with thick super glue.

Bedside Table

After the table was dry I filled in the holes on the top, sanded them flat and glued a slightly over-sized piece of fabric onto the table top with a thin layer of craft PVA (basically white school glue).

Once the top was dry I trimmed away the edges and sealed them with some more glue to prevent them from fraying.


The bed was a really awkward piece to stain because of all the little slats in the headboard but I got through it by wrapping the staining cloth around a bbq skewer and gently pressing it through the holes so that the stain could absorb into the tiny spaces.

After the bed was stained I glued the pieces together.

Big Bed

Next, to make the bed less hard looking I made a mattress using the same method that I used to make all of the chair cushions.


After the mattress was glued down I hand stitched some tiny coordinating pillows and a blanket using fabric scraps and stuffing.


The dressing table was a bit challenging because I wasn’t sure what to do to dress it up.

First I stained it and glued it together and then I painted the mirror silver but it didn’t look very good so I glued a bit of aluminum foil on top to make it look more reflective.

Dressing Table2

Next I made a couple of tiny perfume bottles by gluing beads together. They actually turned out extremely adorable and I secured them to the surface of the table with a bit of glue.

The chair was simple. I just stained the pieces, glued them together and made a little cushion.


It took me a long time to decide what to do with the desk. I knew I had to cover it but then I wanted to put something on top but I couldn’t figure out what.

Desk And Chair

I also couldn’t decide if the desk is part of the bedroom or the living room so I decided to do the pieces up in pink since that coordinates with both rooms.


So the pieces all got stained, and glued together. Then I made the little cushion and continued to debate the table top.

Originally I planned to make some sort of blotter that would cover the filled in holes on top but in the end I covered the desk with two layers of pink fabric. Then I had a moment of inspiration and made a little monitor, keyboard and mouse out of the extra pieces of wood that were the punched out bits from the rest of the furniture.


I painted them in the same off white that I carried throughout the rest of the furniture and then I keyword searched “Google image” in Google images to bring up the snapshots of their various fancy Google homepages (Google doodles) that they release periodically and chose one to print out. I shrunk it down, printed it and glued it to the monitor and there it is… a computer desk!


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