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Making Tiny Chair Cushions For Dollhouse

February 8, 2014

Before I review the rest of the furniture for the dollhouse that I’ve been making I want to describe how I made the cushions for the all of the chairs because it’s the same process that I used to make the mattresses and sofa cushions as well.

That way when I go through the other rooms I can just reference back instead of explaining the same thing a dozen times.

Below I’ve outlined the easy step by step process that I worked out to make tiny cushions for my tiny wooden chairs with photos of every stage. 


Tiny wooden chairs





Hot Glue

chair 1

The first thing to do is make a template for the chairs by measuring a tiny square of cardboard that fits very slightly loosely on the seat. Next  cut out all of the squares required based on the original template.

chair 2

Then roll a tuft of polyfill stuffing into a ball and place a tiny (flat) dab of glue on the cardboard to hold it in place.

chair 3

Cut out the fabric squares based on the cardboard squares (does not have to be perfect) leaving enough of a border around the edge to wrap the fabric around the back.

Before you glue the fabric to the cardboard snip  the very tips of the corners off  of the square. It actually makes a pretty huge difference than leaving them at 90 degree angles. Just be sure that it’s the tiniest snip possible.

Then to secure the fabric to the cardboard place the fabric good-side-down and place the cardboard piece on top fluff-side-down on top and start gluing the opposing corners. You only need a tiny dab of hot glue. don’t slather it on there because if you create a big lump of glue and fabric by the time you’re done the cushion isn’t going to sit flat on the chair and it’s going to look awkward.

chair 4

If the fabric that you’re using is very linear like a stripe or check pattern, be careful to line it up straight. Do all four corners and then move onto the four sides.

chair 5 chair 6 chair 7

Once the cushion is completed secure it to the chair with a little bit more hot glue and you’re golden! Quick, simple, adorable.

Chair 8

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