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Baileys Dessert

February 3, 2014

I’ve recently discovered Angel Delight. It’s a powdered dessert mix in the UK that you whip into milk and it comes out fluffy and tasty in a range of flavors.

I’ve also semi recently discovered chocolate Baileys which is absolutely delicious but pretty expensive. When people ask me what it tastes like, I have to say that it tastes like dessert. It’s incredibly rich and thick and I’d quite happily have a shot glass of chocolate Baileys instead of  a slice of cake so that led to my next thought, which was… what if I made chocolate Angel Delight with regular Baileys to create a chocolate Baileys dessert.

The result was almost too good to be true! 

Once prepared (with milk), Angel Delight very similar to Jell-o brand’s “Whip n Chill” in the states which you can still buy in bulk but I don’t think it is available to purchase in single batch portions anymore. I’m only familiar with Whip n Chill because we made it at the nursing home I worked in, 100 portions at a time. If you’re in the states and you want to try Angel Delight you can buy it in bulk from Amazon. 28 packets seems like a lot to buy at once but  you won’t have any trouble using it up over time, especially if you have children.

All I did to make the desserts was I whipped two packets of chocolate angel delight mix into 300ml of Baileys. 300ml is how much milk you’re supposed to use in one pack of Angel Delight but I used two packs of powder because it wasn’t thickening and the irish cream flavor was overpowering.

If you make Angel Delight with milk it comes out far fluffier than making it with Baileys but even though it’s not as fluffy, it’s still delicious, sort of the texture of a slightly fluffy jell-o chocolate pudding.

I spooned the chocolate irish cream mix into glasses and topped with whipped cream topping and garnished with crushed Cadbury’s flake.

Originally I only added the flake to make it look pretty but the flake helped to bring out the chocolate flavor through the irish cream a great deal so if I was to do it again I would use more of it and maybe even mix some into the chocolate goo. Again for my American readers, Flake is a UK chocolate bar and if you really wanted to you could get it from Amazon. If you would like to substitute Flake I would suggest that you get a Cadbury’s milk chocolate bar (easy to obtain in the US) and shave it with a potato peeler into crumbly pieces. I’m suggesting Cadbury’s specifically because the milk content in the chocolate makes it extra melty as opposed to the waxiness of Hersheys and it just all around tastes better.

Now as far as portion sizes are concerned, I split the chocolate into 3 portions which was a huge mistake. We were only able to eat about 1/3 of the glass because it was incredibly tasty but SO rich so I would suggest that you split a batch into at least 6 portions. This would be an ideal shot glass dessert too.

I put the 3rd portion in the fridge overnight to see if the alcohol would separate since that happens with Bailey’s in general but this morning I’m happy to report, the dessert looks as perfect 12 hours later as it did when I made it so you can make this dessert ahead of time and it will remain intact.

Something that I should note is that I used a whipped topping mix so it’s possible that if you used real whipped cream it wouldn’t remain as nice and fluffy 12 hours later so please do take that into consideration if you are making this ahead.

Good luck!

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  1. That looks soooo delicious!! It’s 7AM my time and I want to make one and eat it!!!

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