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Duck Wraps With Cucumber And Spring Onions

January 20, 2014

I think that the reason why a lot of people shy away from poultry that isn’t a chicken or a turkey is mostly because they don’t know what to do with it. This is pretty understandable but I’ve found that roasting bags will handle any poultry which can then be applied to a number of dishes so when I get the opportunity to cook a bird, I experiment.

Last Friday I was doing the weekly shop with my husband and we acquired two frozen whole ducks which were on sale for 1/2 price. When we got home I realized that I didn’t really didn’t have a plan for the ducks so I decided that I would try to make duck wraps with the first and they came out extremely well.

In a shop if you purchase a pre-made duck wrap sandwich it will cost you about £2.50 and though delicious, there is hardly any meat in it at all. I paid £3.50 for the duck and about an additional £4 for the accompaniments to make the wraps. After I was finished I had enough duck for about 8 meat packed wraps which would have made the whole experiment not terribly expensive even if I had paid full price for the duck.

Below I have detailed how I cooked the duck and assembled the wraps for anyone who might want to try something similar. 



1 whole duck (defrosted if previously frozen)

1 large cucumber

1 bunch of spring onions

Hoi Sin sauce

Tortilla wraps


First I defrosted the duck and removed the packet of giblets from the inside cavity. Then I put the duck in a roasting bag with a half cup of water and sealed the bag with the tie provided. Roasting bags are fairly easy to find and they’re really inexpensive if you go generic. The chicken sized ones usually come in 10 packs and the turkey sized ones usually come in 2 or 3 packs. For doing a duck you just need a small bag because they’re relatively chicken sized.

I could have seasoned the skin of the duck but I just wanted unadulterated duck flavor to come out in this dish as there would be a lot of other flavors coming from the sauce, onions and cucumber.

I always put my bagged poultry inside a baking dish as opposed to a sheet pan because there will be a lot of juices coming out of the bird and sometimes (very rarely) the bags spring a leak so just to be on the safe side I make sure that the baking dish can handle any spillage. It also makes it a lot easier when opening the bag after everything is cooked.


Next pop the bagged duck into a preheated oven (350f 180c) and bake for 2 hours.


Once the duck was cooked I removed the meat and shredded it with two forks. Shredding the meat helps to compensate for any chewiness or toughness and works in a wrap a lot better. I also chopped the onions and cut the cucumber into strips.


Just to be clear, I wasn’t trying to make a proper crispy shredded duck. To do that there is a great deal of preparation and drying involved for the bird which I didn’t have the energy to tackle. If you’ve never had crispy shredded duck, it’s a very similar dish in terms of ingredients and differs primarily in the way the duck is prepared. Also, instead of big tortilla wraps, small thin Chinese pancakes are used and it’s usually served as an appetizer.


Making the wraps is easy. If you spread the ingredients around the tortilla a bit further than I have pictured above the finished wrap will be more balanced inside like the picture below.


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